Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Salad with iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, garlic bread croutons and fried chicken cubes.
One of the Sunday, I made my own salad. It was my first time. I deep fried some chicken breast (cut into cubes and pre-manirated overnight with some salt, pepper and fresh chopped garlic), toasted  some garlic bread and turned them into croutons. Mixing with some mayo and my homemade salad ala Ceaser Salad was done ! haha

YX first time eating salad and he loves it
YX who never tasted raw vege loves this salad. I was happy to see him polished off his small bowl of salad while playing with the tab. XJ was taking her afternoon nap and hence, she did not have the chance to taste them. I should have leave some for her to try.

Egg, cherry tomatoes and my favourite mayo
The next day, I made egg mayo to goes with homemade bread. It was my first time too. I love this brand of mayo as the taste is just nice for me. Not too heavy but can still taste the creamy texture. I chopped some cherry tomatoes and add into the egg mayo.

Egg mayo
After mashing up the eggs and mix with mayo and cherry tomatoes, I got the above. I used 1 egg and it is enough to spread 2 slices of bread.

My breakfast

Hubby's breakfast
One for myself and another one for hubby. Since I still have extra cherry tomatoes, I cut them into halves and tucked them into the bread. Hmmm...........delicious.......and very fillings too.


  1. very healthy breakfast.. I love kiewpie mayo too

  2. I love egg mayo too :)

    Just made them last week, keke~

  3. I made egg mayo once every week for my girls. They like it. I use this brand of mayonnaise too.

  4. This post reminds me of the bottle of unused Kewpie mayonnaise hubby bought not long ago. Gonna make egg mayo sandwich for breakfast tomorrow. :)

  5. I like it very much. Can I have some of the salad?

  6. Nice... You make breakfast for your hubby kah? So sweet...

  7. Wow, yummy!
    Mayonese is such a great invention right! ^^

  8. Looks yummy!! Makes me hungry now!

  9. hahaha, maybe there are a lot of chicken and deep fried things in the salad to enhance the flavor??

    1. i can see that's why he likes this caesar salad ala mNhL.. because it's not just purely vegetables mah~~ :p

    2. oh, this kewpie mayonnaise is nice!! it can go with anything basically i think, hehehe~~


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