Saturday, September 8, 2012

Smiley Grass

Last week, hubby saw this cute little pot of grass at the DIY shop and immediately bought them for the kids.
He said let the kids have some fun with gardening. One only cost RM2.50

3 days after waterin
The pot was 'hairless' when first taken out from the box. The instructions stated that we have to immerse the whole pot into water for at least 5 hours. Then, take them out and place them at a bright place and we need to water them everyday.
YX watering his plant
Every night before going to bed, both kids will watered their respective plant. Both wrote their name under the pot. As XJ doesn't know how to write her full name yet (she can only writes certain alphabets), hubby then suggested for them to write B = boy and G = girl. LOL !

XJ watering her plant
As every morning is a rushing day for us, I got no time to get them to water their plant in the morning. Hence, they have to do that before their bedtime : D

The 4th day, the grasses grew an inch taller
The grasses grew rather quickly. You can clearly see the grass grew an inch taller day by day. Unfortunately, XJ's pot of grass doesn't seems to grow properly. 

The 6th day. It grew even taller !
This photo was taken yesterday night and it grew messier ! haha.......I think we need to give the 2 'smiley' a hair cut soon !


  1. Nice. Bought that once for my daughter when she was small. Unfortunately it never sprouted "hair". Drowned, I think...too much water. LOL!!!

  2. My girl had one before but it died later..

  3. Oh~ Interesting pot! I plan to educate my girl, too, but I DIY it - use a transparent plastic cup, some wet cotton wool and 2-3 beans :D

  4. hahahaha, at first i thot the pots are quite big and selling at only RM2.50.. not until i saw the following photos where the kids water the plants.. :D

    1. i think it's good to cultivate responsibility in your kids.. they take initiative to water the plants belonging to their own..

    2. wow, the grass can really grow very fast huh.. yes, i think they need haircut already.. and it will be fun time for both YX and XJ..

    3. i wonder how long the grass will survive?? maybe next time can do something free.. teach them to grow beansprouts from beans.. that will be equally exciting too..

  5. So cute!!
    Not space consuming also, I also want one!

  6. This is indeed a good activity for the kiddos. The pot is too cute :)

  7. Nice project for the kids. Hope it will grow taller and greeny.

  8. Watering the grass and you can teach them Science at the same time. Good.

  9. haha, i also think the smiley faces need haircut soon... else, will turn into "lalang"?

  10. You got it from Mr DIY? It's cute and I feel like getting one for Chloe too... give her a responsibility of taking care of a plant hehe. Personally I'm not good with plants... any plants that come under my care sure die one :(


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