Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hubby was heartache seeing YX suffering from fever and ulcers since last week. To show his fatherly LOVE, hubby told YX .......

Father : Boy, why do you have to suffer? Give me all your ulcers so you can be healthy again.

YX : * Looking innocent * How to give you my ulcers ?

Father : Hmm.....when you are sleeping at night, I will dig out your ulcers and paste them in my mouth.

YX : ????????

I laughed but at the same time felt touched by hubby's sacrifices. If the ulcers can really be transferred like that, I'm sure hubby will be willing to suffer on behalf of his dear son.

2 days after that conversations, YX began to recover (he was on antibiotic, so sure heal fast).

However, hubby developed a mild fever in the middle of his sleep. He woke up shivering. The next day, hubby had bad sore throat and his gum swell. He doesn't have any ulcers but his swells were bad enough forcing him to avoid food as he can't bite!

He was eating what YX had been eating i.e milk + cereal.

Poor hubby. I told him to slap his face twice for simply talking. hahaha.........

Do you believe in CURSE ?

I'm not sure how true this can be. It might be coincidence or perhaps, it was really a curse. Now, the little boy is healthy but the big boy is down. Hubby is on antibiotic himself. * shake head *


  1. Hahahah, this post really reminds me of what I did,when Jovial was small,I broke my heart when I saw him choked with phelgm in his throat,so I literally use my mouth to suck the phelgm from his throat,, we will never dread to see them suffer,kan?

  2. Hope your hubby will get well soon..takecare.

  3. I think this is because of the germ in your house. The virus is really contagious. It is nothing to do with the curse.

  4. Hahha.. i agree with Yan. Make sure not to share utensils too when comes to contagious illness.

  5. wah, so sweet of your hubby lah.. i thot your MIL would be the one who is willing to suffer the ulcer for YX, haha!!

    1. then you leh?? the mommy never say want to suffer the ulcers on behalf?? hahaha, i think mommy too busy taking care of YX until never have this across the mind.. :D

    2. i think just coincident lah, maybe your hubby thought too much of the son suffering until didn't sleep well at night, that's why caught fever..

    3. then mommy is the poor thing also lah, after one recovered gotta take care of another one.. haha!!

  6. true..we parents always hope that our kids is always healthy..we don't like to see them suffer.

  7. No lah!!! The ulcers are VERY contagious, can pass from one to another very easily and quickly. You all should have taken extra precautions to prevent it from spreading.

    My daughter got it when she was a baby and I got it too. Smallkucing got it that day and his father got it too... Nothing to do with curses!

    Just pray, hope all will get well soonest.

  8. There is no curse la. U funny!
    When a person share food with sick people, sure the germs will pass.

  9. contagious. Hmmm....Have to be careful when sharing utensil and stuffs like that. You take care too

  10. Hehehe, not curse la. The germs are contagious~ My youngest one was sick last week, he recovered and his sister falls sick this week. Sigh....

  11. ya lor.. ppl say cannot simply say things geh...

  12. virus had spread when your hubby was talking with your son lor...


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