Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunday lunch with Buddy

The entrance
On Sunday, we drove all the way up to KL to meet up with hubby's buddy. This friend bought a voucher over the Internet and invited us to join his family for a meal at the Bubba Gump @ Citta Mall. We had dined in this restaurant before at the Sunway Pyramid which I've blogged over here. It was a long time ago.

YX acting like a zombie after he played the Zombie Cafe in the tab. XJ trying to act cute.....don't know why she posed this way.....
While waiting to be seated, I got the kids to pose for photos. As usual, YX likes to make silly pose for photos. Somehow, XJ was being influenced by her koko as well.......shake head.

XJ putting on the fake shoes near the entrance
I saw this pair of fake shoes placed next to the entrance and get XJ to pose for me.

We ordered a few main meals and shared out among 8 adults and 3 children.

Thirst quenching Mango Sparking. A combination of mango, orange, lemon and soda drink. Bottomless
Since the drinks were bottomless, hubby and I only ordered 1 glass to share with the kids. They served sky juice too.

Mixed platter to share. Tortilla chips, cheesy vege, sweet & spicy chicken strips, prawns and cheesy balls (not in pic)
Buddy ordered this platter to share.

Onion rings assembled like our childhood stackable toy
And this to share too. Their signature onion rings. This was really delicious. Crispy on the outside and sweet in the inside.

Hubby's beef burger
Hubby had beef burger and I shared with him.

The kids' chicken fingers with mango sauce dip
While the kids had deep fried chicken fingers. The chicken meat were tender and juicy and goes very well with the mango dip. Very fragrance mango scent with a tinge of sourish. I even dip my fries into the sauce. However, the salad was terrible. It was very BITTER !

Knowing the portion will be huge, I did not order any main meal but I opted for dessert instead. 

My super delicious chocolate chips cookie topped with vanilla ice cream + whip cream
Looking at the menu, I was tempted by this chocolate chips cookies topped with vanilla ice-cream & whipped cream. The chocolate chips cookies were warm and loaded with chocolate chips. Every bite, you will feel the chocolate chips melted in your mouth. Awww.............and eating together with the cold ice cream was such a great combinations.

Served in a pan ......oops....ice cream melting ...........
They served in a pan (the size of a personal pizza). It was a little bit sweet to me, but still tasted delicious. Both kids enjoyed this dessert too. YX preferred the cookies while XJ goes for the ice-cream. Good that both have their own liking so they didn't fight !

At the end of the meal, we were still unaware how the voucher works, but anyway, we just pay our share. It was such a hearty meal and believe it or not, we skipped our dinner that night except for the kids who had a small bowl of home cooked rice with soup and meat. 


  1. i have never been to Bubba Gump before, hahaha!! and you have been there twice all the way from Seremban!! so ulu lah me~~

    1. yeah, no surprise, the american always come in huge portion (loads of carbs too, haha).. if you are a small eater, perhaps you need to share..

    2. oopss, can share the drinks one meh?? i thot usually if they offer bottomless drinks, then no sharing is allowed?? i don't feel good to share actually, haha~~ see i so honest!! :p

    3. yeah, the onion rings look good!! but so little only, i guess one person can only taste a piece?? :p

  2. wow the bubba gump's food looks nice. the kids sure enjoy...

  3. Your blog has malware warning from annie-q.blogspot.com.

  4. I wonder how much all that cost, without the voucher...

  5. paiseh....I am s near to this place but never had it before kekeke

  6. I also haven't been to this restaurant. Don't know why when I pass it not many people so don't dare to dine in. LOL.

  7. geee...have not been to this place until today!

  8. Oh, you came to Citta Mall... I'm staying very nearby :) We were not allowed to share the bottomless drink when we dined here recently. The waiter said we can share but it won't be bottomless :(

  9. We've tried the outlet in Sunway Pyramid b4. Yeah, the portion is humungous. And felt vy 'jelak' after that coz all fried stuff. :p

  10. I dine in once. The food portion is big, taste ok to me.

  11. gosh the food is making me so hungry now. i was a little shock when I saw your girl in the big shoe. thought it was hers until i read your comment...hehehhe

  12. Mama you are in trouble XJ is asking for 4 pairs of those shoes she wanna be a shoe-per-star. Nice looking shoes. Wow the onion rings like a play things to encourage children to eat their food or for easy management of space? haha.

  13. Food looks good to me. I must bookmark this reataurant.


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