Thursday, January 31, 2013

Busy busy busy ......

Ever since YX started primary school, I found we were all getting busier including MIL who needs to help us when we were working.

His school ended at around 1.40pm and by 2 pm, he needs to attend extra classes until 4 pm. Those extra classes are optional but we decided to let YX involved because he is a hyper active kid. Spending some extra time in school studying will be better than having him at home jumping up and down doing some heart attack stunts. Many times, MIL complaint that with YX around, the whole house are merrier but more chaos. His extra classes is on every Tuesday and Thursday. We only need to pay RM3 per day.

On every Wednesday, he will stay back in school to join the Robotic class organized by the computer teacher. He is always looking forward for the robotic classes. We paid RM50/ month.

By having him to stay back in school, MIL will need to bring him lunch, feed him (faster than he eats on his own as only 20 minutes intervals) and fetch him back again after his extra classes ended. I'm grateful to have MIL to help us when we were at work. The day when XJ was hospitalized, an old aunty who was taking care of her grandson in the same ward told me it was such a bliss to have an elder to help us with our kids. I couldn't agree more.

Back at home, I will checked both kids homework. I noticed XJ's kindergarten have more homework than YX. Maybe his primary school homework will comes later ...... I was glad most of the time, YX are quite independent with his homework. Not only that, he also helped XJ with her homework, teaching her how to do.

By 9pm, I make sure YX will be in bed. Usually, he will be very tired and will dozed off in 5 minutes time once the light is off. So far, he is enjoying his primary school's life, enjoying the canteen food and also enjoying telling me some of his new found friends. Yesterday, he told me to go to his classroom to see his art pieces. Apparently, his art teacher pinned up those nicely coloured pictures and he has 2 pieces on the board :)


  1. I am sure you feel busy, at the same time you feel contented too for having these two wonderful kids.

  2. Since school started, everyone seem busy with kids and works.

  3. nowadays school has so many extra class... kids start to become competiteve at young age now...

  4. It certainly is - to have an older person around the house to help with the kids and other things. Too bad the extended family is a thing of the past anymore - the young ones do not want to live with the old ones and can't wait to move out and stay on their own.

  5. Parents with school-going kids are more busier because we need to get involved with their school activities too :)

    1. Btw, your site prompted some virus thingy when I opened it. Do check it out.

  6. Wahh..9pm can sleep edy. So fast. We can only go to bed earliest at 11pm

  7. Same same..been very busy too. Gwen also don't have much homework. I'm trying to move Gwen's bedtime to 9pm but not easy ler.

  8. Heard that KSSR doesn't have much homework. My boy, STD 4 this year is the last batch of KBSR brings back loads of homework everyday.

  9. Wow, M'sia schools also got so many activities and extra classes now.


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