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Celebrating FIL's birthday 2012

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Last Dec, we celebrated FIL's birthday in KL. We had lunch in a famous restaurant in Sungai Buloh. Before lunch, we made a quick trip to 1-Utama to buy FIL's birthday cake. It was the Christmas month, and the mall was beautifully decorated. The kids were thrilled to see so many fake giant candies.

Love the way XJ 'manja' her brother. YX pretending he was eating ice-cream.
As it was still early, we roamed into a mini food court located at the lower level of the mall. I couldn't stop myself from ordering Fried Oyster. My favourite! 

Fried oyster
Then, we went to collect FIL's birthday cake. SIL had bought the dessert via Groupon at a discounted price. Right opposite of the stall, the kids saw a colorful painted cow. Both requested to take a photo. As usual, YX posed cheekily with his finger poking the cow's nostril !  

Look at how YX poke the cow's nostril ! This boy.........
Soon, we left for the restaurant. As we are not sure of the location, we used GPS to lead us there. However, we were surprised when we saw the shop was closed ! SIL then called to inform that they had shifted to a new building. A fully air-con restuarant.

New building of the restaurant

All food were ordered by SIL and of course, we won't give the highlights of the restaurant a miss ! It was the Hanging Roasted Chicken. A box of disposable gloves and a pair of scissors were being served together with the chicken.

Hanging roast chicken (RM44 per bird)

It was quite enjoyable to eat the chicken with our hands. Not only does the presentation of this dish special, the taste of the roasted chicken was great too! The skin was very crispy.

XJ enjoying eating the chicken with her hand
 Both kids enjoying eating the chicken with their hand protected by the disposable gloves. Other than the chicken, both didn't want to eat the other dishes. SIL ordered quite a lot including their signature BBQ pork which was very delicious too. We also had petai fish, claypot taufu, kerabu paku pakis, pork soup and spinach soup.

YX enjoying the drumstick. Another drumstick was given to the other cousin

YX ate the chicken with some pork lard rice. I don't really fancy the pork lard rice as the oily smell makes me nausea.

Who took my cloths away ? !!!!
 After a scrumptious meal, here comes the Birthday Cake. It was not a cake afterall. For a change, we had something new to replace a normal cake.

Wandx patisserie - Nutty range 

Wandx patisserie - Fruity range
The texture of the outer layer tasted like fried popiah skin ~ crispy, and the fillings were basically fresh cream topped with nuts / fruits.

As a tradition, FIL will give red packets to all his grandchildren on his birthday. In fact, whenever he gives red packets to any grandchild for his/her birthday, all other grandchildren will receive a share too.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your
    FIL! That is a very special dish.

  2. Belated birthday greetings from me too. Nice change from the usual birthday cake... Sweet, old people do not really like usually.

  3. The chicken really special... Never heard of pork lard rice

  4. That chicken looks indeed special. It was a great Birthday celebration with the family.


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