Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ikan Bakar

A few weeks back, in-laws had a dinner to attend, hence we ate out. I prepared simple home-cooked meals for the kids while hubby and I ate at our favourite 'Ikan Bakar' stall. We ordered ..............

String-ray + okra
They have other fishes, but we chose string-ray. As we thought the kids wanted to try some string-ray, we requested for the 'sambal' to be seperated. In the end, both kids enjoyed playing games on the tab and refused to eat.

The lala was very sweet and tasty. We requested for the 'sambal' to be separated too as at the bottom of those lala, there were very tasty lala soup. Love it's natural sweetness.

Since both fish and lala were without 'sambal', the cooked served us squid without 'sambal' too. It doesn't matter as we can taste the freshness on these seafood.

The delicious 'sambal' which tasted even better with a squeezed of lime. It looks like satay sauce from the picture. haha......

Stir fried lettuce
Hubby said must have some vege for a complete meal.........

Thai style taufu
And we MUST order this taufu. It was very appetizing with it's sweet and sour sauce, topped with shredded cucumbers and fresh onions and sprinkled with loads of crushed peanuts. The taufu was deep fried until crispy on the outside and very soft in the inside.

For 2 of us, we walloped all the above without any rice. We were relieved that we did not ordered rice as it was really fillings by just eating the dishes. Total bill was RM49. I find it really cheap for a delicious seafood meals.

Note: It is located on the left side of the main road (old road Mantin - Seremban). The stall looked very old but will be very crowded by 6pm +. A little further down the stall is the Caltex station. If you took the old road from Mantin to Seremban, you will passby this stall before coming to the Caltex station.  


  1. Oh, I prefer the chilli to be cooked together with the seafood. Usually we'll cater something else for the kids, hehe~

  2. RM49 is really cheap, I believe every place also has their very nice and unique food .

  3. RM49 for all the seafood, very cheap leh

  4. That's a lot of food! All look fresh and yummy.

  5. Wow, the stingray must be very shiok, especially when mixed with the chilli


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