Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The end of 2012

Oh dear ! Looks like my blog was left abandon for a very long time. Happy New Year everyone ! I know, it is a very late wish as it is now the 2nd week of 2013 already. haha........Hope everyone had a good 2012 ending and a great 2013 beginning. As for me, I have both good and bad ending of 2012.

I shall just summarized them below (hope I still remember the details....... )

Towards the end of 2012 ..........

14 - 17 Nov 2012
 ~ Traveled back to my parent's house in Johor with the 2 kids via bus. Our bus was delayed for almost 40 minutes. The kids were getting impatient but luckily they still cooperates with me throughout the 2.5 hours journey back.

~ Managed to get my facial done with mum's regular beautician. Had a really refreshing facial treatment cum shoulder massage. What a bliss!

30 Nov 2012
~ My Birthday ! Thank you to all who wishes me via phone calls, sms and Facebook.

~ Hubby treated me for a Japanese supper (had dinner at home earlier) while both kids went for their drawing classes. Without the kids I can eat in peace! Really enjoyed the food.

9 Dec 2012
~ Impromptu made a trip down to Melaka as SIL+ hubby needed to attend a wedding dinner. We merely 'tumpang' her car down and planned to visit the Jonker's Street. Unfortunately, it rained the whole evening and we ended up in Jusco Melaka instead. Nevertheless, it was a great window shopping too.

12 Dec 2012
~ Shop for YX's primary school uniforms, bag, stationaries, etc.........Enjoyed shopping for these stuffs as I was so excited for him. 

14 Dec 2013 (The BAD)
~ Both kids have art classes at 7pm. We worked a bit late that day. Left at around 6 plus and just as hubby reversed the car out from the parking space, we heard a LOUD BANG ! We did not noticed there was a customer's car parked horizontally behind our car. Normally, at such hour, all customers have left. But that day, this particular customer was so long winded and couldn't end his discussion with boss. The back of the customer's car was dented and backlights were broken. As the repaired cost too much, we let the Insurance to handle. Surprisingly, our car was lightly scratched only. 

16 Dec 2012
~ When to KL to celebrate FIL's birthday. Had a very special lunch at Sungai Buloh. Shall blog about that in a separate post.
~ Went to the Big Bad Wolf Bookfair and bought some books for the kids. Books were super cheap but we were stuck in the very terrible jam upon entering the Mines.

23 Dec 2012
~ Made an unplanned trip to KL as SIL kept on insisting us to bring the kids to play water at Setia Walk, Puchong. A unique place for family gathering as the very shallow pool is surrounded by mostly cafes and restaurant. While the kids having fun in the pool, the adults can get a drink or snacks by the pool side.

Hubby lost our Galaxy Tab. Hubby was holding the tab in his hand while we were preparing to leave for Puchong. In the car, we did not even thought of the tab. Once we reached Puchong, it was already lunch time so we proceeded to eat. Only after lunch, we realized the tab was not with us. We thought the tab must be at home. However, we couldn't find it after we came back home. It was no where to be seen till today :( 
24 Dec 2012
~ Both kids did not take afternoon nap, thus, they slept before 9pm. A perfect timing for both hubby and I to catch a movie at the cinema. We watched Hobbit, The Unexpected Journey. It was really a great movie. We had supper after the movie. Not knowing what to eat, we ended up eating Lok-Lok by the road side. It had been years since we last had lok-lok and not knowing they now served deep fried and BBQ too ! besides than their usual steamboat style. Delicious ! 

25 Dec 2012
~ Since it was a PH, we went to buy Galaxy Tab 2. However, my 1st tab was just irreplaceable. On a bright side, I will take this as my Christmas gift :) 

28 Dec 2012
~ Accompanied YX to his primary school for orientation. Got to know his class teacher and also where his classroom was located. Was shocked to know the schooling time is until 1.40 pm. Did we studied till this late during our time ? I can't remember at all.

~ At night, we went for Lok-Lok again. Wanted to share good food with dad & mum. Dad enjoyed the most saying it was really delicious.

30 Dec 2012
~ Since it was a Sunday, we were not working. Had a whole day shopping with dad & mum at Aeon as mum wanted to buy CNY clothing for both YX & XJ. Happy with the purchase and really thank dad & mum for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

Looking back, it was still a blissful ending of 2012 despite the 2 sad incidents. Had great fun, great food and great activities with families and hope year 2013 and beyond will be better and better !


  1. the good and bad....well hope 2013 will be a smooth and wonderful year for you and your family. Happy New Year

  2. Glad to read your update after such a long silence.

  3. Belated New Year and Birthday greetings to you and all in your family. Life's like that...we take the good and the bad and give thanks and praise to God for every blessing that comes our way. Cheers!

  4. finally u r back, if not, blog seh kor liao....

  5. Welcome back!!
    Hmm, some bads happened ya? Hopefully this year will be a better year for you and family.

  6. Don't worry..all the bad things have Gone and welcome all the Good things in year 2013.

  7. What an eventful month!

    And welcome back to blogosphere!

  8. Although a sad incident happen but your end of 2012 still consider very fruitful.

  9. It's not too bad lar. So many good things happen. Your son's school finish at 1.40pm? Wow, later than my daughter's. Her latest one is at 1.20pm.

  10. Happy New Year to u and ur family too! U've had a vy "happening" year-end. Sorry to hear abt the bad incidents. Most importantly no one was hurt. As for the Tab, old one dun go, new one won’t come. hehe

    Oh yeah, how come YX's schooling hrs so long? My boy's from 7:20-12:40 on most days.


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