Saturday, March 9, 2013

Food paradise

Sg. Pinang, the name of the hawker center
Continued from the Pulau Payar trip, by the time we reached Penang, it was around 5 pm. We took a taxi back to the hotel for a bath and short rest. Around 6.30 pm, we drove the the hawker center near to the hotel we stayed for our dinner.

Fried oyster
We definitely can't give this fried oyster a miss since it was so difficult to get this dish in Seremban. We ordered without chili but do not know why it came with chili. It was not the best but still consider ok.
Nuggets set for the kids
We wanted to get something healthier for the kids (eg, rice with dishes), but both insisted for this western food as we sat nearby the stall. Both complained that they were very hungry and can't wait anymore. Hubby already ordered a bowl of Taiwanese chicken rice (not in the pic) for them, but both still adamant to have the chicken nuggets.

Expensive Prawn mee
As for me, I wanted to eat the prawn mee (Penang Hokkien mee). I doesn't know how hubby ended up ordering something else for me which he claimed it was written PRAWN MEE on the stall. It was very expensive at RM7 or RM8 per plate. However, the taste was great !

 MIL got herself some pophia and sizzling plate noodles (not in the picture).

Chee cheong fun
We also had some Penang style chee cheong fun. I still prefer the style over here with sweet sauce instead of the prawn sauce. 
Sotong kangkung
This plate was delicious. Not too watery and very nice to chew. 

XJ with a statue by the roadside
After dinner, MIL suggested to take a stroll at the Gurney Drives since it was still early. When we walked towards the parking area near the hawker center, we spotted this statue. XJ quickly posed for a photo taken.
Low tides @ Gurney Drives
At Gurney Drives, we took a long time to find a parking. It was still a very busy place despite the taxi drivers warned us NOT TO eat there as the prices are all overly charged. That was how we ended up eating at Sg. Pinang hawker center by heeding the taxi driver's advise.

Char Kuey Teow
However, as we passed by the char kuey teow stall, the aromas was so irresistible. We ordered a plate to share. We had a bowl of cendol too (not in pic). As expensive as what the taxi driver said, but the taste for both fried kuey teow and cendol were really great. Looks like we do have to pay a little bit more for good food.

We then took a stroll along the Gurney Drives before heading back to the hotel for a good rest.

Penang Bridge
The next morning, hubby suggested to stop over Ipoh for lunch before going back to Seremban. We had prawn mee as breakfast at a nearby coffee shop while the kids had bread and milo. The journey in the morning was smooth as no jam.

Low Wong chicken rice @ Ipoh
By 11 am, we were already in Ipoh. We had some smooth tau fu fa before lunch. Before heading to Low Wong for their famous chicken rice, we hopped over to the shop directly opposite (if not mistaken, the name is Wan LiXiang) to order 10 boxes of salted chicken to bring back home. The salted chicken was really delicious with strong herbal aromas. A few boxed for own consumption and some are given to relatives as gift.


  1. not only food paradise but i think this trip is also a food trip, haha!! but what's a trip without good food right?? :D

    1. love those hawker food at Gurney Drive, but heard they have become very commercial already, so Penang people usually goes to find food at the small lorongs instead~~ :)

    2. oh surely you cannot miss out Ipoh!! so many nice food there too.. oh yeah, i love the salted chicken but no idea what's the name of the shop..

    3. 1. Every where we go, food are important.
      2. Both taxi drivers told us NOT to eat at Gurney Drives. haha... so we heeded their advises.
      3. Yes, Ipoh loaded with lots of food too........i love the tau fu smooth !

  2. Replies
    1. because we need to eat everyday no matter where we are... haha

  3. Penang is another food paradise but some are quite expensive... I guess may be it's a famous tourist spot~

    1. I do agree with u. Tourist spots, they charged more......

  4. all the food looked YUMMYYYYYYYYYYY

    1. i love hawker food. Can choose and pick

  5. Wah so mahal already the food. The fried oysters look so good...slurp.

    1. In Gurney Drives a bit expensive....but the Sg Pinang food court still ok la.... just that the prawn mee a bit special, so more costly.

  6. Replies
    1. When penang and ipoh being mentioned, food sure comes to mind! haha

  7. Yummy! Drooling at all the food photos!! : D

    1. Delicious hawker foods. Love them !

  8. LOL if go Penang, sure to be major makan trip :)

  9. Yes, never ever eat at Gurney Drive! NOT nice...and all the kurang ajar people there. Tsk! Tsk!


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