Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Good Fried Chicken seasoning powder

During my recent trip down south, I had a lot of delicious food. However, my food hunting was not completed as I still did not managed to eat so many of them, namely fried oyster, fried carrot cakes, nasi beryani, lontong, etc, etc.......

Uncle H, a good family friend even recommended us the best Bak Kut Teh in town but we just couldn't allocate any time for it. That's a good reason to make us travel again, hopefully.

Before we left for home, Uncle H purposely drove us to buy the special fried chicken seasoning powder which he claimed to be the best too ! This fried chicken stall operates after 3pm and is situated right beside the delicious kuey chap's shop.

We did not managed to try the fried chicken as we just had a very sumptuous seafood lunch. I regretted not buying a piece or two to eat in the car. According to Uncle H, no need to add extra seasoning to the chicken as the powder already consists the best ingredient. Just dip the chicken meat onto the dry powder and deep fried them till golden brown. Coming up next, MIL's home cooked chicken rice.

* Good Good Fried Chicken is the name of the stall. Even the owner claimed his fried chicken as GOOD *. haha

Fried Chicken Powder @ RM 10/ 1 kg


  1. Wow! You must give it a try and let us know how good is it!!

  2. fried chicken is always yummy.

  3. Deep frying, not healthy! My missus will marinate the chicken, say the wings, in sauces...and put in the oven to bake - or sometimes, she uses the Happy Call pan, no oil needed. Very very nice...and a lot healthier than deep frying.

  4. me lazy to fry la....can i go tumpang makan your place?

  5. After try show us the result and review. keke


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