Thursday, April 25, 2013

The new era playground

Last Saturday, boss was in a very good mood and asked me to buy back some KFC to the office as afternoon tea. Both kids were with me and when we arrived at the KFC outlet in Seremban 2, both ran to the playground. I was quite surprised to see the playground were empty where normally, there will be many kids playing during weekends.

Then I came to realize there was another indoor playground which was crowded ! No wonder the normal playground looked so abandoned. Both kids joined the crowd and had loads of fun. Played till sweat !

There is a projector hanged on the ceiling, projected the giant screen on the floor and the ball will moved according to sensor. Once the kid kicked the ball, it will move. They had a great time chasing the ball with the other kids.

G.O.A.L !
When you strike a goal, a big wording GOAL will appeared on the screen. The kids will cheered 'Yay' ! haha

A few minutes later, the projector will changed it's picture. Quite interesting as it does not stick to only 1 type of game ! Next, came the bowling and instead of using their hand to roll the ball, all the kids used their leg to kick! haha

YX kicking a bowling ball
Even those kids does not know each other, am glad they warmed up quite fast. Surprisingly, they know how to queue up for their turns ! Hmm....all learned well in school.

Disco moments
Next, came the disco theme where the lights will appeared once the kids stepped onto it. They danced freely and were thrilled seeing the lights appearing and disappearing according to their moves. 

XJ dance happily
My girl enjoyed herself dancing to the beat of the music !


  1. Can see from the smile on the face - sheer happiness!!! Kids! The best time of their lives!

  2. Haha lets pray that your boss gets good mood more often!

  3. eh u can buy this for ur kids, x-box, not only kids like, adullts oso like. tat day my dad n me play tennis until siao!

  4. wow, the boss asked you to go tabao KFC back to office, but then the kids had so much time playing there in the indoor high-tech playground?? and you also stayed long because of the new thing~~ :D

  5. very interesting and nice concept of the playground.. i guess it's easier to maintain this way and kids can have a more variety of games that they can play.. not just individually but as a team.. great idea that is..

  6. oh yeah, kids always can get along very easily, especially when it comes to games.. haha!! and look at your little prince and little princess, how they were enjoying themselves.. and i bet they have already asked you when will you bring them there again?? :p

  7. Eh, i have seen this is SG shopping mall few years back... after that, dono why never see liao...

  8. Looks like so much fun. Love the smiles on the little ones!!

  9. wow, this is very interesting and fun :)


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