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29 Apr - 6 May 2013 ( 8D/7N Taiwan Trip ) - The summary

When dad invited me to join them for an overseas trip, I was floating on cloud nine. It was such a blessing that my parents always thought of me whenever they have something good to share. Without hesitating, I quickly said YES, but I need to bring along one of my kid with me.

Since YX had been to 2 overseas trips with us, I decided to bring XJ this time. It was her first time flying and obviously, she was excited.

Our tour consists of 17 family members and our Itinerary was tailor made by the travel agent. Overall, it was an enjoyable trips even XJ fell ill on the 2nd day of our trips. Will blog about it later.....

We left home at 7 am and met up with the rest of our relatives at the airport. Our flight was at 10 am via AA.

Tour Guide
The journey to/fro was a smooth ones. Our local tour guide was a nice man. Friendly, professional and a joker. Everyone praised him for being a very responsible tour guide as during every meals, he would make sure all dishes were served before he went off. He make sure we were all being well taken care off during the whole trip. He even suggested and paid for our MRT expenses (1 way) to save some traveling time when the road leading to one of the tourist attractions was unexpectedly jammed.

When XJ fell ill, he assisted us to bring XJ to the hospital and he stayed at the hospital together with us. He even assisted to collect the medications and paid the bills upfront as he was more familiar with the procedures. We really appreciate his help and everyone chipped in to give him more tips at the end of our 8 days tour.

Places of Interest
Places of interest were so-so only. Even the guide told us, in Taiwan, we don't expect to see beautiful scenery. Those beautiful mountains and seas are all widely available in China. However, Taiwan are known for it's hospitality. The locals there were all very friendly. Once you stepped into their shop, you will be greeted with 'WELCOME'. Even we did not buy anything from them, we won't get any scolding or nagging. They still smiles to you. Shopping in Taiwan won't give you any pressure unlike in some other places, the sales person won't be happy to see you leaving empty handed.

Food were great but not surprising anymore as we have so many Taiwan delicacies mushroomed in our own country. However, I really loves their milk tea. It was so fragrance, something which we couldn't get it here. I even managed to smuggle a cup of Taiwanese Milk Tea into the plane unintentionally ! Surprisingly, the immigration did not notice it (and I totally forgotten about that milk tea too) and I only remembered about it inside the plane !

As mentioned earlier, no stress during shopping in Taiwan because of the hospitality of the people there. Unfortunately, we did not really have the time to browse and shop slowly because the time for shopping was too short ! Well, short for the ladies, but long for the men ! We visited a few night markets and women clothing and shoes were abundance ! Price varies according to the quality and some are slightly cheaper than in Malaysia. However, children clothing and shoes are not available at all in the night market. As told by our guide, we will have to shop in their wet market in order to buy children's stuffs.

It was late Spring and the weather was very comfortable. Temperature was around 23 degrees and we just need a thin cardigan to keep us warm. At times, cold winds would blows. It rained most of the day but we still managed to travel comfortably.

All the hotels we stayed were up to expectations. Clean, spacious and sometimes, we even get 2 Queen size bed in a room for twin sharing. Our last day hotel was the best of all. It was a five star (as mentioned in the website) and every room comes with a personal SPA. The designed in each rooms were different as they were specially designed to make it unique.

Once all photographs are being sorted out, I shall blog about day to day Itinerary.


  1. What a brief and interesting Taiwan trip!

  2. Will wait for your next coming Taiwan travelogue post k.

  3. taiwan is a nice place. I was there in 2010.

  4. Sounds like a very interesting trip. Looking forward to read more and see your photos!

  5. Looking forward to read bout your Taiwan trip!

  6. I went there long long ago, very very long - watch out for the post on it next week.

  7. Can't wait to read about your Taiwan trip .....

  8. Can't wait to read your next post...

  9. 8 Days trip so you able to travel to whole Taiwan Island?

  10. Was there sooooo many years ago. Don't think I'd go again - try some place else.

  11. Taiwan is known for its food and shopping, not so much on sight seeing. But like you said, many Taiwanese food has made their ways into Malaysia so we can get almost everything here than going there and try them out.

  12. How on earth do you smuggle a bubble tea into the plane??! LoL!


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