Friday, May 3, 2013


I'm not really a fruit lover but when comes to sweet mangoes, I can't give that a miss !

Green skin
During lunch one day, I saw a pakcik selling mangoes by the roadside. I quickly stopped over to check them out. 3kg for RM10. Pakcik told me the flesh are very sweet. He even gave me some samples and the mangoes were really sweet !

Peel mango like banana
Sweet mangoes are just so irresistible. The skins were very thin and easy to peel. Just like peeling a banana.

Thick flesh
I do not know what species these mangoes were, but the fleshes were thick and smooth. Not much of fibre which will stick to your teeth.

Thin seeds
Even the seeds were very thin. I wanted to buy again from the pakcik, but he did not comes anymore.


  1. Never much of a mango lover. I also like those mango with less fibre on the flesh. I still prefer papayas and oranges

  2. Nice!!! Unripe ones, make also!

  3. oh, I haven't tried peeling a mango like that. I usually cut the skin.

  4. I like mango! One of my favorite fruits.

  5. If your house has a backyard, tanam there...
    My husband bought back some Mango seeds from Medan and tanam at our backyard,so far it grow well.

  6. those mangoes looked so delicious!! oh yes, i would also prefer sweet mangoes to sour mangoes.. can just pop the sweet mangoes into my mouth, but for sour ones there must be something else to dip..

  7. haha, you should have asked the Pakcik earlier about his schedule so that you can buy from him again.. hmmm, maybe he has just those few stock that he can sell?? probably he grows just a few trees at home.. :)


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