Thursday, May 2, 2013

MIL's chicken rice

Chicken rice
Whenever MIL cooks chicken rice at home, she will always make 2 types of chicken. One deep fried and another one steamed chicken.

Deep fried chicken with Good Good chicken seasoning powder
Steamed chicken with soy sauce and garlic oil

The deep fried chicken which MIL used the Good Good seasoning powder was indeed delicious. It has a very fragrance smell and the skin are crispy. We loved having her chicken rice. Even the kids enjoyed eating them. MIL told me the other night that she was happy to see there were no leftover rice where normally, there will be 1 small bowl of leftover white rice. See how delicious the chicken rice was !

Ginger and chilli sauce
She even pound some ginger and made the chilli sauce.

Wanton soup
During the recent trip back to BP, my friend, LF gave me 2 packs of fresh wanton and we added it into the chicken soup.

Deep fried wanton
And deep fried another plate to goes with the rice. It was yummy delicious. As the wanton skin are homemade, it was crunchier than what we normally bought from the market. The fillings were well seasoned and my FIL loves the taste.
Heong Peah
After dinner, we had some biscuits given to me by another friend, SL. It was such a blessing to have so many wonderful people around us :) 


  1. wow, special chicken rice!

  2. Looks so good, I prefer the steamed one~ hehe...

  3. Looks good... Oooo...I love the look of the chili sauce. Hey! That Heong Peah used to be the most popular/famous friend - still good or not?

  4. wah... yummy!! love chicken rice, and your MIL do take the effort to have both version!! if me, I will just steam.. LOL!

  5. slurps.... the chicken rice look tempting.


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