Thursday, June 27, 2013


Recently, there are quite a lot of interesting movie showing in the cinema. I love going to the cinema because the screen are super wide, comfortable seats, fully air-con and the sound systems makes the movie more interesting. Above all, munching popcorn while watching the movie is such a bliss !

Hubby and I had been planning to watch Man Of Steel since last week but had to postponed and postponed because we couldn't fit into the screening timing. Yesterday, miraculously both kids FINISHED their homework before we arrived home from work. We quickly told them our movie plan and both quickly finished up their dinner and took their bath. By 7.20 pm, we were all ready to leave the house for our 8pm movie.

Finally, we make it for the movie. It was a heart-warming movie and I really love Clark Kent's foster parents. They were awesomely humble and a pair of nice couple. I shed tears when I see how the foster parents advises and calmed Kent down when he was still a child and have to deal with peers pressure and his supernatural powers. The scene where Kent's foster father was swept away by the tornado was also very sad. Besides than those sad scenes, I super like the sci-fi spaceship and sound effects of this movie. A great watch.

It was a 2 hours 20 mins long movie and by the time the movie ended, it was way passed the kids' bedtime. YX was too tired and fell asleep during the most interesting parts in the movie where the fights began. With such loud noise, YX still managed to sleep soundly. XJ who took her afternoon nap did not sleep in the cinema but was yawning away. haha

Back at home, it was nearly 11 pm. I then realized I have not wash YX's uniform (I washed everyday) and have not iron the new set of uniform for tomorrow. After those are done, I quickly packed YX's school bag where normally, he will pack it, himself. I slept at around 11.30pm which was way past my bedtime too. This morning, I woke up feeling ~ Tired ~

A good movie in exchanged with some sleep, worth it afterall !


  1. Yea definitely worth it right?
    I agree, Clark's foster parents are so humble and kind~

  2. yeah, i watched this movie on my birthday last week.. it was a nice movie i would say..

  3. very different from all the previous Superman movies.. this one is more of the "human" side of the Superman, he is not invincible all the time this round..

  4. yeah, can treat this as Episode Zero of all Superman series huh?? since it tells us the origin of Superman, and how he ended up working as the reporter Clark Kent..

  5. hahaha, never mind lah, once in a blue moon only that you watch a late movie and sleep later.. at least it's a nice movie right?? :)

  6. did the kids been to cinema before? i never bring my kid to wac movie before, feel like doing it, but worry later she cannot tahan and spoil the mood...

  7. Expensive and have to sit for so long... I'd prefer to lie down and watch a movie but then again, I'd fall asleep. Old man like that lah... Sigh!!!

  8. worth it la...since they have worked so hard.

  9. We got only chance to watch movie on weekend, due to both kids attend morning school.


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