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Taiwan ( 29 Apr - 6 May 2013 ) ~ Day 2

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On Day 2, things doesn't start off great. At around 5 am, XJ woke me up while pointing on her tummy. I thought she wanted to goes to the toilet, but instead, she suddenly showed the sign of vomiting. I was shocked and quickly rushed her to the toilet just in time for her to throw everything out.
Waiting for her turn to see a pediatric at a nearby private hospital
She went back to sleep after vomiting. At around 7am, we had our breakfast at the hotel's restaurant and again, XJ vomited a few times. She even complained of stomachache. Dad quickly called our tour guide and asked him to bring XJ to the nearest hospital.

Thanks god she does not developed any fever, which means it was not any bacteria/virus infections. We believed it might be some indigestion problems. Despite being sick, we had to continue with the tour as we will be going to another town and stay in another hotel. In fact, throughout the tour, we stayed in different hotels every night.  

Can't even move an inch ! Trained to stand like expressionless statues. 
Our Day 2 Itinerary started off with visiting the Martyr's Shrine. The main attractive was to see how the guard changed their sessions every hourly which started at 9am.

XJ was sleeping on a bench in the Information Center, while I ran to take a quick glimpse of the guard and took some photos.

We then proceed to our next destination, Jiufen.  

Many years ago, this village only have 9 families. Whenever shipments arrived, they will request nine portions for the families. Jiufen in Mandarin literally means 9 portions and this is how this town got it's name. For more history of this town, click here. 

Since XJ was not feeling well, she doesn't have the mood to walk. She was teary and very whinny and clingy to me too. As we arrived at Jiufen, I quickly find a bench to sit with her while the others explored the local delicacies offered as lunch was not provided that day. Just right besides the bench we sat, was a stall frying some kind of prawn + vegies + flour balls.

Uncle preparing to wrap the balls
As I don't have any other choice, I had to order this 'balls' as my lunch since it was the nearest stall around us. I bought a bowl of 'taufu fa' for XJ from the opposite shop too but ended up, I had to eat as she doesn't have any appetite.

And fried by aunty
After the uncle wrapped the ingredient into a shaped of a ball, the aunty will deep fried them and served the customers.

My lunch for that day
It comes with some prickles cucumbers. The balls were very peppery and nothing very special about them. Nevertheless, they still managed to satisfy my hungry tummy.

Beautiful scenery
After Jiufen, we proceeded to our next destination ~ Yehliu Geopark. Yehliu is a cape on the north coast of Taiwan. The Geopark houses unique shaped rocks where each were given imaginative names based on their shapes.

Yehliu Geopark
Again, XJ was not fit to walk and I had to accompany her at the nearby 7-eleven. As everyone were enjoying themselves taking photos at the Geopark, I treated myself with delicious Taiwan instant noodles and pudding in the 7-eleven while the moody XJ resting on the chair and table provided. I even had their black pearl milk tea ice cream and it was awesomely delicious ! No photo was taken as the ice cream melted pretty quick and I had to eat it really fast. 

Pudding and Instant noodle @ 7-eleven
We traveled away from Taipei city to another town, Yilan which is situated at Northeastern of Taiwan. Glad that XJ had a good sleep inside the bus. Before reaching our destination, the local tour guide told us he will be giving us a surprise over dinner. Even dinner was provided that night, he added an extra dish. He stopped at this shop to get us roasted salted chicken which was deemed to be famous in Yilan.

The big signboard of the delicious roasted salted chicken
He treated us 2 chicken (1 for each table) as he said good food much be shared. He himself finds this roasted chicken very delicious and since we were in this area, we shouldn't missed it ! Very thoughtful tour guide indeed.

Wrapped in aluminium foil and pepper & salt in that saucer
The chicken was wrapped in the aluminum foil and if you like it saltier, you may deep the meat into the pepper + salt provided.

Whole roasted salted chicken
Dinner that night was at the hotel's restaurant. As usual, we were served with 7 - 8 dishes including a big bowl of soup and we did not managed to finish every dishes. However, we polished the chicken clean. Only left the bones and feet !
Black feet !
The dinner was nothing to shout about, but the roasted chicken was really the STAR that night. It's taste was similar to the Ipoh's famous salted chicken with strong herbs aromas and salty. The different was this chicken tasted even fragrance because it was ROASTED ! The skins were really delicious and even the chicken meat were tender and juicy.  

Poor girl have to eat medications
Poor XJ, still doesn't have any appetite only tasted a bit of the chicken and drank some warm soup. After taking a few dosage of medications, glad that her vomiting stopped and she was back to her bubbly self again on the 3rd day !

Her medications

Medical bills, about RM 85
The hotel we stayed in Yilan was a SPA hotel and we are allowed to use the public pool to enjoy the SPA. Since XJ was not in the mood, I stayed with her in the hotel room. Mum and dad decided not to use the SPA too since they were tired and we slept early that night.

Day 3 next ..........


  1. Oh poor girl... Must be sad and suffering... :(

    1. I was suffering as worried for her. haha

  2. Oh dear...thank goodness she was alright the next day and you all can get back to the track again.

    1. phew....i was worried sick. I even got the thinking of flying back earlier and cancel all my tour. Luckily I didn't .

  3. oh my, poor thing XJ.. must have eaten something not right the night before?? and still need to go here and there with the tour.. mommy also poor thing lah, gotta stay with her and can't go anywhere..

    1. We suspected the prawns. We had that on our first day in the Chinese restaurant. Just a guess....

  4. guess the second day you didn't got to see much and enjoy much of the places huh?? anyway, you tried the nice instant noodles, pudding and black pearl ice cream from 7-11!! that's a special experience too la~~ :)

    1. 2nd day wasn't a fun day for me. I really felt disappointing for not be able to visit the Geopark.... But then, looking at the pictures via Google, also can la... haha

  5. your tour guide is really an awesome one!! he planned everything to make the trips smooth, he discussed with the team on alternatives, and he also generously treated everyone nice local delicacies.. cool!!

    1. Yes..he is an awesome guide. Really lucky to get him. More to comes..... wait for my next post... haha

  6. Oh dear! Terrible to fall sick when travelling! Good thing, ok very quickly.

    1. I felt terrible worried for her.

  7. Poor XJ! It's no fun to be sick during travel! Oh too bad you did not get to walk around and take pictures of the GeoPark!

    1. I missed out a lot during Day 2.


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