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Taiwan ( 29 Apr - 6 May 2013 ) ~ Day 4

We left the Master Bear Resorts and proceed to the next city, Kaoshiung. It is located in the Southern Western of Taiwan. For more information of this city, click here.

On the way, we stopped at a fruit stall for some fruit tasting and shopping.

Fruit stall crowded with tourists
The fruits were really sweet, especially mangoes, guava and Rose Apples (Jambu air). We bought some to munched in the bus. A small packet selling at around RM5. We tried the mango smoothie selling besides the fruit stall at around RM12 a bowl.

Mango smoothie topped with fresh mixed fruits + a scoop of ice cream
Lunch that day were a little special as all dishes are made of fishes. Steamed, deep fried, stir fried, soup and even claypot all are fishes. I only managed to take some photos of the dishes.......

Deep fried fishballs ~ Really delicious with crispy on the outside and bouncy in the inside.

Deep fried fish ~ Served with some sour lime sauce. Appetizing

Cold fish's skins ~ I gave this a skip as tasted so fishy. haha

Salted pepper fried fish ~ The batter are the same as the famous Taiwanese fried chicken sold in the night market.

After lunch, our next destination was to visit the famous Fo Guang Shan temple which is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. Fo Guang Shan literally means Buddha's Light Mountain. Click here for more information of this temple.

We took a slow walk up to the building where the Buddha was. 

Foh Guang Shan

Thousands of Buddha
We only spent a little while inside the temple and since it was still early, we spent some time having coffee at the Starbucks in the building. It was a huge area and you can find many shops right in front of the temple.

Red Bean cakes @ 3 for RM10
I bought some red bean pancakes from a stall nearby but ate in the Starbucks. The pancakes were generously filled with red beans and it was nice to go with a cup of hot coffee.

Generous fillings

By the time we left the temple, it started to drizzle. Our group of people were so well prepared as they brought umbrella all the way from home. Those umbrellas were so useful during such a rainy day.
The entrance of the temple
Before visiting the next tourist attractions, our generous tour guide treated us a big bowl of ICE. He certainly loves to share good food with us !

Giant bowl of ice
According to the guide, this giant bowl of ice is famous in Kaoshiung. A big bowl of this cost around RM50. I think we had this now in Melaka as I saw the poster along the Melaka's town a few weeks back ! Check it out here.

Customers are allowed to write their 'love notes' on the wall of the premises. 

Love notes written by customers around the walls
Even tables were being scribbled and.......

Notes on the tables
........ceilings being conquered too !

Even on the ceilings
The big bowl of ice is nothing to shout about. It is naturally shaved ice, sweetened with some brown sugar and added some fruits into it. I still prefer our very own ABC. Nothing beats Malaysian's food !

Ice kacang in the making
Topped with cherry tomatoes, honeydew, watermelon, banana, papaya, peanuts, atapchi and some raisins.

Loaded with fruits on top and in between of the ice

Little XJ can't wait to dig into this giant bowl. Well, 17 of us couldn't managed to finish up this bowl. We only cleared the fruits and other ingredient and left the ice there.

XJ waiting patiently to taste the ice

We then continued with our tour. Initially, we were supposed to visit the Dream Mall shopping center as per our Itinerary but one of our tour group suggested another place of interest, which is the Pier 2 Art District.
Staking containers


Murals on the walls 

A huge luggage made with unwanted steels

Same materials were being used to make this Ball 

A closer look of the ball

Little pebbles on the road

Little bells hanging on the tree

Unique rubbish bins

Dinner that night was not provided according to our Itinerary. The tour guide brought us to visit the Taiwanese Night Market, Liu He. 

Liu He Night Market just across the road
As there are many stalls selling delicious looking food, majority of us does not enjoyed the food. We would prefer a sit-down dinner as the food offered in the night market are more suitable as snacks instead of a proper meal.

Braised pork legs
We were only given an hour plus to eat and shop which is definitely too short. Nevertheless, we hit straight to this braised pork shop as recommended by our tour guide to avoid wasting time. The taste is not too bad but all of us still prefer the Malaysian style. We paid a total of about RM50 for this dinner which consisting of 1 bowl of noodle soup, 8 pieces of pork's trotter and a plate of dumplings. Pretty expensive huh !

Noodle soup to eat together with the pork legs

We shared out the food and continue to shop for some snacks in the night market. XJ loves the fried chicken ala Taiwan style.

XJ enjoying the deep fried chicken
This white bitter gourd + honey really makes a perfect juice. It tasted bitter sweet and mum loves the taste. A cup cost about RM5.

White bitter gourd mixed with honey makes a perfect juice !

Types of fruit juice available
And I had a cup of papaya milk.

My favourite papaya milk and some pictures of VIPs visiting this stall.
As we walked around, I came across this oyster stuffs but did not give it a try as mum doesn't want to share with me.

Oyster + egg wrapped in wanton skin for deep frying

The ready fried balls
It suddenly drizzled and makes our shopping inconveniences at the night market. I was browsing for some children's shoes and before I could make up my mind, our group members were already asking us to gather at the pick-up point. *sad* It was indeed very rush at the night market and ended up, I did not buy anything !


  1. The smoothie is so tempting!!

    And the art district is so interesting, I see my love there, Bumblebee!! Hehe ;)

    1. haha...i love Bumblebee too !

  2. Ooo...I love red beans. Sure would love to try those cakes. My daughter loves anything deep fried - Taiwan would be like heaven to her - all the deep fried stuff looks so nice.

    1. yes...taiwan night market offered plenty of deep fried snacks. They even have deep fried baby crabs and they were so delicious !

  3. wow, looks like this Day 4 of your Taiwan trip is super duper interesting, all kinds of nice food i saw!!!

  4. very special all-fish lunch for the day, and you were also brought to try the unique and famous desserts only in Kaoshiung, really a very well planned itinerary..

    1. I love that fish lunch. Very tasty

  5. the giant shaved ice i think so-so only lah right, it's special because of it's giant size only.. but that red bean cake from starbucks looks very very nice, oozing red bean - that's very generous..

    1. Our ABC tasted better. Oh, that red bean cakes is not from Starbucks. There were many stalls selling lots of stuffs

  6. oh, the Pier 2 Art District is awesome!! i like that, and i think it's nice that one of your tour member suggested that.. something different other than going to shopping malls right??

    1. That art street is very very nice. Too many photos, so can't load them here.

  7. Braised pork legs looked good but not too much too fat already haha.

    1. haha.....once a while, just closed an eye. Eat first, regrets later.

  8. First time seeing white bitter gourd. Yeah the papaya milk is very poplar in Taiwan. Those days will never missed the 500cc each time Bananaz goes to Taiwan.

    1. It was my first time too, but they were everywhere over Taiwan night market. Really delicious when added with honey. Bitter-sweet.


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