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Taiwan ( 29 Apr - 6 May 2013 ) ~ Day 5

The best thing in this trip of ours were, we never need to get up very early in the morning. Our tours always started at around 8.30 am and we have ample time to eat our breakfast which was provided in the hotel. Our Day 5 tour brings us to another city, Taichung. It is located in the Western of Taiwan. Click here to read more.

Before we traveled up to Taichung, we visited the Sun Moon Lake. Weather was not good that day as it started to rain heavily. Sun Moon Lake was famous for its' peacock and due to the rain, all the peacocks were in their cages. Only a few of us walked around the park with an umbrella while the rest waited in the bus. Therefore, no photos !

Next, we visited the Wenwu Temple.

Entrance of Wenwu Temple

As a rule, all will have to enter by the right entrance and leave by the left entrance

Still continues to rain.....

Opposite the temple, there were rows of stalls selling scarves and some souvenirs. I spotted a stall selling fresh steamed sweet potatoes and passion fruits jelly. Mum and other aunties love the sweet potatoes but I prefer the passion fruit's jelly. 

Passion fruits jelly

Passion fruit's seed floating on top

By the time we left the temple, it was about time for lunch. As it had been raining since morning, everyone were cold and hungry.  Meals that day was not too bad as I simply love the 3 cups chicken a lot. It was not just an ordinary chicken with oyster sauce, but I felt something else was being added to make the sauce really appetizing and fragrance ! Wonder what's the recipe.

Awesome 3 cups chicken (san bei ji)

Stir fried veges and mushrooms

Stir fried cabbage

Steamed fish in soy sauce
As around this area have plenty of Betel Nut trees, we even had the chance to try a plate of stir fried betel nut's flower. It tasted weird to us and we did not managed to finish it. haha

Stir fried Betel nut's flowers

Very clear vegies soup
Our next destination was to visit the Taiwanese Green Tree Plantations. As XJ got too bored in the bus, she used the tour guide's microphone to sing some Nursery Rhymes to entertain us ! Hugging her was my cousin who sang along with her. LOL !

XJ singing some songs
Once arrived at the green tea plantations (just a small one), we were shown some processed green tea leaves. Those leaves were still warm.

Green Tea leaves in the process

We are welcome to have a sniff on the fragrance of tea leaves
Soon, we were being lead into a room to attend some 'lectures'. We were being advised on the benefits of green tea, etc..... Meanwhile, we were treated with some snacks. The green tea biscuits were very delicious. Unlike the other green tea flavoured dessert, I find this green tea biscuits really nice.

Green tea biscuits and black kuaci as snacks
While the main speaker was explaining to us about green tea, the other staffs helped to brew some green tea for us to samples.

Staffs preparing green tea for us to sample

Green tea leaves
We were being told NOT to use hot boiling water to make green tea as it will 'kill' the goodness in the tea leaves. Just warm water will do and soaked for a while before drinking it. If you prefer your green tea cold, use room temperature water to soak the tea leaves, before keeping the pot into the fridge for consumption later. 

Fragrance green tea
Green tea also comes in powder form. This is for the convenience for those who need to drink the tea immediately. Just mix a teaspoonful of green tea powder with room temperature water, and your green tea is ready ! Easy peasy.

Green tea powder
The green tea powder can even be added with Cultured Drinks, eg Yakult or any fruit juices for children's consumption. Since most kids does not like the smell of green tea, adding some flavours into it will enhanced the taste. But XJ prefer the original green tea instead. haha

Green tea powder to be mixed with the local brand Yakult. Super big bottle !
Each of us were given a cup of green tea + yakult and I find it YUCKY ! Too thick and the taste just doesn't bland well. However, some of our tour group members love the taste. Well, it depends on individual.

The well mixed green tea powder with yakult. Taste yucky to me !
I bought 2 packs of green tea leaves @ RM100/each and hope to drink them often for health purpose. However, till now, the pack is still well sealed ! Tsk tsk tsk.......

We left the green tea plantation and headed towards Taichung. Once arrived at Taichung city, it was dinner time. Dinner that night was initially on our own as we will be visiting the night market, Fengjia Night Market. However, after the bad experience we had earlier in Kaoshiung Night Market, we immediately asked the tour guide to pre-arrange dinner for us. At about RM15 per pax, we had these mouth-watering dishes ........

Steamboat and some side dishes

White paus with braised pork

Condiments ~ Salted vege, spring onions and crushed peanuts

Filled up the pau and they really made a good combinations

Salted pepper fried chicken with colourful crackers


Black pepper chicken on hotplate

Sweet & sour pork

The restaurant we dined in is located in the night market itself and after dinner, we had about an hour plus for shopping before we had to leave for the hotel. Accommodation that night was at a Boutique Hotel, Elizabeth Hotel. It was very clean and bed was huge !

Right behind our hotel, we found a shoe shop selling 3 pairs of shoes for about RM100. Majority of the ladies in our group bought a pair while little XJ sitting around munching on her hotdog bread I got for her from the nearby 7-eleven store.

XJ munching on her hotdog bun as she claimed she was super hungry !
* After browsing my photo's folder, I found that I'd missed to post up this photo in Day 4. * 

 A lady wrapping up betel nuts for sale. The stall was near to the hotel we stayed in Kaoshiung. According to our guide,  Taiwan's government had strictly prohibited young ladies in sexy attire to sell betel nuts. Popularly known as 'ping lang mei' (betel nut's ladies) no longer exist !


  1. I love those steamed white paus stuffed with stewed pork... Slurps!!!!!

  2. I also like 3 cups chicken..eaten in KL la. Your itenary is very found a good travel agent. Oh didn't know mustn't use hot water for the green tea.

    1. Ahh....missing that 3 cups chicken.

  3. I actually bought the green tea powder when I went to Taiwan. I think is quite good and I used to mixed with my Vitagen drink (plain flavor).

    1. I prefer hot green tea. I think the powder is a bit too concentrated. Personally, I still prefer tea leaves.

  4. Must quickly finish up your travelogue before it become way too backdated huh? Hehe.

    Looks like you guys had so much food!

    1. I nearly forgotten certain things. Have to look at pic then only remember.

  5. I like the wenwu temple..very special.

  6. oh i have heard about Sun Moon Lake, it's a very famous spot in Taiwan but i didn't know they have peacocks there, haha.. but too bad, it rained and you couldn't show us any photo..

    1. Haha....just a peacock garden. But weather was not good.

  7. the lunch looks good with so many dishes being served.. hmmm, betel nut flower?? something interesting and new to me..

    1. Betel nut flowers were something new to all of us. Doesn't really taste nice. Ha ha

  8. ah yes, i heard about not using boiling water to cook our tea too, just around 80°C would be the best temperature for the water.. and i am sure the tea you had there was super nice?? but you must start drinking your tea now lah, don't just let them sealed~~ :D

    1. I love green tea. Fragrance n soothing to the throat.

  9. oh, the dinner at RM15 per pax only!! not expensive at all, instead with so many dishes i would say it's actually cheap huh?? not bad at all, credits must be given to your tour guide.. :)

    1. Cheaper than eating at the night market.

  10. That's a lovely and yummy lunch & dinner. Guess you would also buy the oolong tea?

    1. nope...i only bought Green Tea. There were still lots of teas back home. Gift from relatives when they visited China. haha... can't finished drinking them !


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