Thursday, August 29, 2013

My kung fu boy

As an active child, YX loves action movies / cartoons. He will sometimes mimic playing Hero and Villians punching in the air and creating his own shooting effects. Seeing him so active, I ought to sent him to learn something using more physical movements. He can't really glued to his seat and that was why we dropped him out from the art class. 

The background are photos of the master sifu with some other sifu(s)
YX was eager to learn martial arts. On 27 July 2013, I made up my mind and enrolled him into the martial art class (Wing Chun). One of his classmate was learning in this center too. Obviously, YX enjoyed his first lesson and are looking forward for more !

Punching bags
Both were fascinated when they saw punching bags hanging down from the ceilings. They can't resist themselves but to hug the punching bag just like how they hug their bolsters.

The punching bag is bigger than their bolster ! haha
Soon, lesson began. The other students ( about 6 of them) were not in yet, but the master sifu still proceeded with the lesson.

Master sifu started the lesson
I was surprised when I was told that the master sifu is an Australian. He can speak and read better mandarin than me. He is a graduate, major in Chinese Languages. Click here to read more about him and the legendary of Wing Chun.

YX was excited !
YX was supposed to wear sports shoes as there are a lot of dragging movements. However, I did not prepare it for him as I did not expect lessons to begin on that day.

Doing the correct 'horse stand' (Ma Bu)

No uniforms are required but we can buy the school's tees (worn by the sifu). It is however, optional.

Master sifu showing him the correct way of punching !
Hope YX will put in much effort in learning the martial arts and enjoys what he is doing. Time to let him watch the movie, IpMan and more Bruce Lee's movie !    ^ _ ^



  1. Gosh!!! He's so tall now! Growing up to be a man now! All the best to him in his kung fu...

  2. Wow! He seems to enjoy it. If he's into it, then surely he will be a pro. in future.

  3. that's definitely interesting for him.
    I sent my girl for taekwando and she loved it.

  4. Wah seh! Ethan wants to learn tae-kwon-do and I'll let him when he goes to Std 1 next year. I'll let him learn it at school :)

  5. That's a good skill to master. Looks like he is enjoying his martial arts lesson already. :) Keep it up YX!

  6. Yes, let him learn. It is his interest. Keep it up, boy!! :)

  7. Didn't expect there are such classes in your town!
    Didn't expect the sifu to be from Australia some more...

  8. He suddenly shoot up so tall!.

    When u dnap pic of him n mei mei can see vast height difference

  9. wow, this class looks like a lot of fun. it's always good to know martial arts. i'm impressed that the sifu is Australian but knows Mandarin :D

  10. wah kungfu boy and the sifu is angmo, huh dun play play keke


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