Thursday, September 26, 2013

A trip to Jalan Ampang

Last Wednesday I brought the company's foreign worker (ZL) to the embassy to renew his passport. We traveled very early in the morning at 5am. The journey was a smooth one and KL's roads were jam free ! By 6am, we reached the embassy and there were already a group of foreign workers queuing up at the gate !

Foreign workers waiting at the embassy's gate
At around 7am, the gate finally opened and ZL managed to get a queue number. I was told that the embassy only accept up to 300 persons per day for renewal. If we were late, we will not be able to get any number for that day. While ZL waited at the embassy, I rested in the car before getting myself a pack of roadside Malay's noodles for breakfast. Time was passing so SLOWLY and I had no where to go. As parking was limited, I can't leave the parking space either.
At around 10am, the nearby shopping complex was opened and I was glad I could spent my time there. However, it was so disappointing as it was only a 2 stories building with mostly cafe and restaurant at the ground floor and some shops on the 1st floor. No clothing or shoes stores at all ! I then decided to laze around at Secret Recipe to have a piece of cheese cake.  

Cappuccino Cheese Cake @ RM 8.50 ++
I spent nearly 2 hours at the Secret Recipe savoring a slice of cake while using my phone to chat with a friend over FB. Thanks god she was online at that time ! Soon, more and more customers came and I quickly make way for them. I went back to the embassy and ZL had already submitted his form to the counter. However, we can only collect the new passport after 2pm.

At around 1.30pm, I went for my lunch. The Victoria Station was just around the corner of the embassy and since I don't usually have the opportunity to dine in such restaurant ( I think the last time was 10 over years ago when I was still working in KL), I made up my mind to eat it !

Upon entering, I felt a bit weird as I was alone. But, who cares............... I was served with a soft bun. It was complementary.

Soft bun to start my meal with....
Soon, my ordered came. I had the salmon steak which was AWESOMELY DELICIOUS ! The butter sauce goes perfectly well with the pan fried salmon. It was truly worth the money spent.

Salmon steak @ RM35 ++
After lunch, it was still early. I went to a supermarket which was located next to the Victoria Station. As there were many expatriates around that area, this supermarket obviously catered specially for them. Once entered, I felt myself was in some overseas supermarket as most of the items were imported. Not only that, the customers inside the supermarkets were mostly foreigners.

I took my own sweet time to browse from aisle to aisle. Then, I noticed they have a row of Cheerios with assorted flavours. From Bananan to Chocolate to frosted, each box looked to delicious. I was so tempted to buy but at the end, glad I did not spent on those 'golden' cereals. A box cost around RM25 - RM30. 

Assorted Cheerios

Paying that much for a box of cereal is just not worth it comparing to my lunch earlier at Victoria Station. haha....
Assorted Cheerios
I left the supermarket empty handed and returned to the embassy. It was around 3.15 pm and I was really disappointed as ZL told me they had not even started to give out the passport yet ! Since I had no where to go, I just sit around the embassy. Around 3.30pm, they finally opened the counter and by the time ZL received his, it was nearly 5pm. Just in time to be stucked in the daily jam ! We reached Seremban at around 6.30pm.


  1. whole day spend there. But at least saw some interesting things la

  2. Hello there!
    Long time no hear from you~

    I am all drawn to the cake, keke~

  3. Quite familiar with the area - used to stay at Crown Princess for meetings and what not when I was still working. That time, the Vic Station outlet just about to open for business there.

  4. Wah it took such a long day to renew his passport. But still lucky it able to collect on that day without have to make second trip.

  5. That is such a long day!

    Eh I super love salmon but I try to cook myself as buying outside wan very expensive leh.. kiamsap mia pasal :D

  6. Wow! Took up your whole day! What a waste of time! But at least you get to enjoy a nice cake at Secret Recipe and nice salmon steak at Victoria Station : )

  7. You should have gone to KLCC for shopping lah haha..just kidding. Anyway you have some quiet time alone still ok lah.

  8. helllo there! Cake looks so yummy!!


  9. Sound like you were enjoying yourself! Hehe.


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