Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The kiddos' Birthday Celebration 2013

People used to ask how did we plan for both kids' Birthday to fall on the same month ~ September ? And I always replied, it was fated. We never really planned for it. In fact, their estimated due dates given by the gynea falls on the same day too which was on the 8th month 15th day (according to the Chinese Calender) which was coincidentally on the Moon Cake Festival !

Time flies and now, both had grown up and are independent to do many things on their own. I can have some peace of mind sometimes, but most of the time, they still do drive me crazy !
Birthday boy @ 7th Sept, Birthday girl @ 12 Sept. Sharing a glass of sundae makes them so happy !
On YX's birthday, we went to Station One for a mini celebration. Both shared a glass of sundae and we ordered a snack platter and charcoal burger to share. 

Snack platter
Charcoal chicken burger
On Sunday, we drove all the way to KL to have 'Jalan-Jalan, Makan-Makan' trips with the in laws. We left home at 8am with an empty stomach. Our first stop was at Puchong Nasi Lemak House which served delicious Nasi lemak and wantan noodles. Too engrossed with my food, I forgot to take picture of the food.

Nasi Lemak House @ Puchong

They have sets which comes with a bowl of 'ling chee kang', but I find the dessert too sweet. Otherwise, this bowl of goodies are loaded with lots of ingredient.

Our 2nd stop was at Puchong Setia Walk. We wanted to redeem free Giant Milk Tea for birthday boy but we were too early and the restaurant was not open yet. Hence, we hanged around taking photos at the garden before leaving to IOI Mall to visit the other branch.

XJ, my little princess wannabe
We ordered some snacks to share and managed to redeem the giant milk tea with purchased over RM30 in a single receipt. Only YX was entitled as 3 days before and 3 days after the birth date was allowed. 

YX & XJ with the Giant Milk Tea
We were given a few smaller cups for hygiene purposes. Even it was loaded with ice, the milk tea does tasted 'kaw' and not too sweet.

Photo was taken after we scooped into the smaller cups
The kids enjoyed digging into this bee-hive liked egg-cakes. The texture is a little similar to the Malay's bahulu cake. It was crispy at the sides and soft in the middle. So tasty that even the adults love it !

Bee-hive liked egg cakes

The 3rd stop was still in Puchong. It was in the Boulevard Puchong for the famous Macau's Pork Chop Buns. It was packed with people and we had to wait for a few minutes before able to get a seat. The concept was similar to the fast food chain. We need to place our order over the counter and brings the food to our table.

The Macau's famous pork chop is now in TOWN !
We ordered rice with pork chop for the kids but they do not have the appetite after having 2 meals earlier. Ended, we adults have to polish them off.

We also had the polo bun pork chop and chicken wings noodles. The buns was nothing to shout about as there were no vegies or sauces in between the buns, but the noodles was the star. It was so fragrance and the texture was very Q. No wonder people always said Hong Kong had the best wantan noodles, ever !

Since everyone were stuffed to the brim, we proceeded to the Paradigm Mall. It was our first time there.

Our first time here

We just window shops and SIL bought a birthday cake for the kids. 

Delectable Chocolate Strawberry cakes
Our 4th stop was at SS15. We had the Taiwan's Bear Paw. It was another version of sandwiches which uses buns with a paw design and filled with chicken meat with some salads and sauces.

Sets of bear paw to choose from
The buns were very fluffy and soft. It was delicious at the first bite. The chicken meat were juicy and tender. As my MIL said " It was better than eating burger" !

Bear Paws

We lazed around at the Bear paw cafe and had the cake cutting sessions. It was raining at that time and we waited for the rain to slow down before heading back home.

The Birthday boy & girl

On the way back, we dropped by Kajang for their specialties claypot meals. It was our 5th meals that day. BIL who was working in Kajang brought us to this restaurant for their delicious spicy pork and peppery soup. Besides that, we had tofu and stir fried vegies.
Claypot hot & spicy pork

It was still raining and we really enjoyed the hot peppery soup under such weather. It was such a 'shiok' feelings !

Claypot pepper soup
We reached home around 10 pm and both kids skipped their bath that day as both already fast asleep in the car. The makan makan trip was a success and we are so looking forward for the next makan - makan trip. When ? When ? When ?


  1. Wow, makan-makan in full gear! Seriously, I've never eaten at any of the places you posted here even though I've stayed in PJ for more than half my life *shy* We are quite bad in cari makan...but Paradigm Mall I know lah, cos staying nearby haha! :p

  2. Oops, nearly forgot... Happy belated birthday to the kids. XJ looks so pretty in that "princess wannabe" photo (6th photo from the top). Sweet! :)

  3. haha, i think it's good to have their birthday close to each other.. can one shot celebrate both the birthdays together, more senang :)

  4. wow, your KL trip is really an interesting makan trip!! almost makan everything in KL already~~ :D

  5. looking at your photos really makes me drool.. and you seems to be more KL than me, some of those places i have not been to before!!

  6. wow, must follow your footsteps and go try all those nice food!! i didn't know 大利來記 has come to Malaysia, haha!! and that cake from Delectable is really looking yummy~~

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to your prince and princess :) What a fun-filled day with lots of food. I like the Macau burgers but didn't try the noodles :D

  8. Your princess looks so sweet and pretty. Ooooo...the strawberry cake! Awesome!

  9. P.S.
    Belated birthday greetings to both, God bless.

  10. even though my boy's and girl's birthdays are just a week apart, they refused to share birthday celebration!

  11. Wow! The shopping mall is cool. And both kids celebrated birthday in the same month? That's event cooler! Huhu

  12. Happy Birthday!. She looks like a little princess in white :)

  13. Happy Birthday. Looks like a lovely and yummylicious outing with the kids.

  14. Happy Birthday to Birthday Boy and Girl...
    Wow, the cake looks so special with strawberries in the middle...

  15. Happy Belated Birthday to your angels! That was an awesome birthday celebration.

  16. wah really makan day ler

  17. happy belated birthday to the Prince and Princess... and u sure know where to cari makan...i've never been to all the place that u mentioned here ...hehehe


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