Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dinner at Kuala Selangor

Before we went to the fireflies tour, we had our dinner at Hai Ung Seafood. We just simply choose this restaurant after surveying a few other restaurants nearby. It is situated besides the river and the view of sunset was beautiful.

Restaurant Hai Ung Seafood (a few rows away from D'Tours Agency)

Fried rice topped with fried anchovies

Marmite baby squid, AGAIN ! We had baby squid during lunch and just can't have enough of it.  Superb taste and nice chewy texture with a little spicy as little bird eyes chilli were added. Truly appetizing.

Oyster omelette. Quite disappointing as nothing special about the taste. 
Beautiful sunset view by the restaurant

sweet & sour chicken ~ RM16 / Oyster omelette ~ RM18 / Baby squid ~ RM18 / Ginger onion fish fillet ~ RM25 / Fried rice ~ RM 8 / 2 glasses Chinese tea, 1 glass warm water and 1 glass herbal tea ~ RM3.40

Not in pictures were the sweet & sour chicken and ginger onion fish fillet. Overall, it was not a very satisfying dinner but the marmite baby squid makes me feels a little better. Hubby even said the baby squid will be perfect to goes with beer ! haha.

We wanted to order crabs and mantis prawn but minimum must order 1 kg (3 crabs) and 8 mantis prawns. As only 3 adults and 2 kids, we definitely can't finished it so we gave it a miss. So disappointed !


  1. Yummmmm!!!!! Squids!!! That's where the university is, right? My daughter registered but she got the government scholarship and went elsewhere - lost the deposit but it was ok.

    1. Din know there is an uni there. Good that she is now working closed to her home. Can visit you all often

  2. I've been to Kuala Selangor before, for a friend's wedding dinner.
    But it's so far away la!! We stayed at damansara by the way......

    1. When your son grow older, can bring him see monkey. That's what all kids enjoyed.


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