Saturday, November 9, 2013

Eagle feeding tour @ Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor are known for the fireflies tour and now, they have eagle feeding tours too. Price at RM25per adult and RM15 per child. The tours starts at 3 pm - 7.00 pm daily depending on the weather. If too heavy rain or too hot, there will be less eagles.   

When we first arrived at the entrance, it suddenly rained. Luckily it just drizzled and it soon stop after 10 minutes. The sky were clear and glad, we could proceed with the tour which the kids were waiting eagerly. 

The cheeky boy flying like an eagle

speed boat

Kids were excited as their first time riding on speed boat

The guide brought this pail of gross food to feed the eagles. He just immersed some onto the water and you can see how the eagles flew down to grab the food with their feet and straight into their mouth.

Chicken fats and skins to feed eagles
Once the guide poured the feeds into the water, you can see a few eagles started to circle the sky. Soon, more and more appeared out of nowhere. I think there were about 30 - 40 eagles.


More eagles
Their action were fast too. Zoomed down in seconds, grabbed and ate it. I can't even managed to take a decent photo of the eagles closed up.The guide said throughout his experience in this tour, he once witnessed up to 100 over eagles. It was amazing as the sky were all covered with black wings !

Flying down to grab it's food

The tour took about 30 minutes or so. The guide was a friendly young man who makes the tour interesting with his jokes. If you have not been to any eagle feeding tour before, this is a worthwhile experienced to try.


  1. I had never been to any tour when i was at Kuala Selangor. Maybe can check out the next trip.

  2. Bet the kids enjoyed that outing so much! I would too!

    1. The kids were excited being first time on speed boat.

  3. Your camera very sharp. Can take good pics. Lovely


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