Thursday, November 14, 2013

Propwall Mont Kiara

I was being introduced to a website called Propwall by a friend. It is actually a Malaysian property website whereby you can buy or sell or even rent a property. From the website, you can obtained information on the properties such as the size, the selling price, the exact locations and there are even real photographs of the property itself. As they said, picture paints a thousand words, so by having images of the property, it might increase the buyer's interest. Propwall is a very user friendly website. Interested client can actually browse property based on pricing, sizes and  locations.

Just as the other day, a friend told me that he will be expecting a new colleague from overseas to work in his department. He uses Propwall website to help this new colleague to find a place to stay. He browsed via locations and he chose Mont Kiara as there is where most of the expatriate stays. The houses offer in Mont Kiara are best in architecture and dedicated to the upper market and expats. Since this new colleague of his is a family man, Mont Kiara will be an ideal place to stay as the best International School is located there. His children will not have any problem with their educations.

I have never been to Mont Kiara, but after having a brief introduction to this place, I felt Mont Kiara is indeed a place where everyone will dream to stay in. Since property value had increased tremendously over the years, my wish to own a property in such a high end place is not easy to achieve. However, I hope my friend's new colleague and his family will be happy with their new house which is conveniently locate. Who knows, they might fell in love with Malaysia and make Malaysia their second home !    


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