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Sekinchan & Kuala Selangor ( 2 - 3 NOV 2013)

During the Deepavali holidays, hubby suggested to have a short getaway to a little town called Sekinchan. It was situated about 30km North of Kuala Selangor. We left home after breakfast at around 10 am and took a slow drive. Journey was smoothed with a little jammed around Kuala Selangor town. By the time we reached Sekinchan, it was around 12 plus. We headed straight to check in at Paddy Village Hotel before having some fresh seafood lunch.

Cute paddy, the icon of Sekinchan
On the way approaching Kuala Selangor town, we saw this road side stall and was keen to give it a try.

Giant curry puff
Not too bad. The curry puff was bursting with potatoes and chicken chunks. Not spicy at all and the kids can even eat it. The skin was a bit hard, but still crunchy. However, hubby doesn't like the taste as he said not spicy, no 'kick'. haha

Really giant. Not spicy with lots of potato and chicken chunks.
After some rest in the hotel, we drove down to Kuala Selangor to have the Eagle Feeding Tour at around 4pm. Just as we parked our car, it suddenly drizzled. We were so disappointed but luckily the rain was only for a short 10 minutes. 

After the tour, as it was still early for dinner, we went to a shop called '168' @ Pasir Penambang. The shop selling variety of dried food and the famous Teluk Intan biscuits (Heong Peng). We were only interested with the big pack of prawn crackers hanging in front of the shop. 10 small packs (2 pieces of crackers) packed in a big bag cost RM13. We walloped 10 big packs !

Prawn crakers selling at Shop 168. 10 small packs in each big bag
After our dinner here, we proceeded to the Fireflies Tour @ Kampung Kuantan. It was just a 10 minutes drive away from the restaurant. Even it was dark, the place was easy to find as there were very clear roadside along the road.

Our first experienced with the fireflies tour
Tickets at RM50 for a boat (sampan) which can fit 4 adults. Since we have 3 adults and 2 children, the boatman allowed us to squeeze into it. As we cannot take picture with flash which will harm the fireflies, I wasn't able to take any picture when we were down at the river. It was PITCHED DARK and quite a SCARY experienced. LOL !

Luck was not on our side. As we were queuing for our turn at the jetty, it rained again ! Luckily I brought along a pair of umbrella so the kids doesn't need to be drenched. Half way of the tour, the rain stopped but we had already turned into 'wet chicken'. Despite the rain, the fireflies were still visible and it was amazing to see the tree sparkling with tiny lights. The boatman even caught a firefly to put it on our fingers. When the little bug crawled towards our fingernails, the blinking lights make the best manicure. 

The 2 little ones were excited. Luckily they weren't afraid as the river was very dark
Honestly, I was quite worried the two little ones will chickened out and refused to ride on the boat and will create a scene at the jetty. Glad both did not even whined a single bit and cooperate with us throughout the tour. Phew !

After the fireflies tour, we shop at the nearby Giant Hypermarket before returning to the hotel for a good night sleep. The next morning, we went to the nearby paddy field to take some pictures. The scenery was beautiful. 
Large paddy field around Sekinchan

This was the kids 2nd time witnessing a paddy field. The first time was during their kindy's excursion. The kids weren't interested with the paddy, so we left for a unique breakfast.

Going - to - ripe paddy

However, the kids were curious with people fishing. We had seen a few people fishing along the river and paddy field since arrival.

An uncle fishing nearby the paddy field

On the way returning to Kuala Selangor, we stopped by the roadside stall selling fruits and sweetcorn.

Sweet corn (Jagung susu). RM2 @ pcs
Our tour have not ended yet. The kids were anticipating to see MONKEYS. Bukit Malawati was famous for it's Silverleaf Monkey.

Bukit Malawati @ Kuala Selangor

The train / tram we rode up the park. RM5 / adult and RM3 / child 

While waiting for our train ride, we saw the naughty monkey stealing someone's mango at the parking area. LOL. The owner must be shocked to see his/her mangoes only left the skin and seed.

Caught red-handed ! Monkey stealing mangoes from a truck at the parking area

Right up at the park, there were 3 vendors selling long beans and bananas to feed the monkey. The kids were excited and scared at the same time. They dare not feed the hungry monkey and little XJ was yelling on top of her lung.

Silverleaf monkey waiting to be fed
The monkey doesn't look fierce but were a bit rough when taking food from us. Hubby kept 2 bunches of long beans in his pocket and lo and behold, the monkey saw and grabbed hubby's pants with one hand and took the beans with another hand. XJ was horrified seeing that scene. Haha

More monkeys on the tree top

There was a man who bought the whole gunny sack of beans to feed the monkey. After feeding for a while, the monkey became aggressive and climbed onto the man's shoulder ! Scary !

After the tour, we asked the kids which tour they like the best ( Eagle feeding, fireflies and monkey) and both said monkey was the best.


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