Friday, November 8, 2013

Unique breakfast @ Sekinchan

As they said, eat like the locals. So we did. During our recent trip to Sekinchan, we had rice with dishes for breakfast. This kind of dishes will only be served as our lunch or dinner, but we were told the locals, who are mostly farmers had heavy breakfast so they will have energy to work on the farm. Looking at the picture below, does it look like breakfast ?

Steamed lala, steamed fish head and stir fried vege
I Google and found this shop specialized on giant fish head served as breakfast. No harm giving it a try since we were already in that town. So let's be adventurous !

Restaurant Ka Lok
We ordered a pot of hot tea. Surprisingly, they served us good quality tea. I do not know the name of the tea, but it was very fragrance and doesn't comes out thick. The colour of the tea maintained the same through out our meal.
Good quality Chinese tea. Very light and fragrance.

Steamed giant fish head. Delicious ! Loves the raw onion slices dip with the soy sauce with a pinch of lime juice. This 1.3kg fish head cost us around RM70. 

Steamed fresh lala with dash of Chinese wine. Really missing this dish.

Stir fried bitter gourd and fish with bean paste
We really had a very heavy breakfast. Total bill comes to RM100 including of rice and tea. Hubby got a shocked when he got to know the fish head's price. Nevertheless, it was worth trying as the unique sauce was really appetizing !

* Located at Site B, Lorong 6 * Very easy to find.


  1. THAT is breakfast!!! Looks like a really heavy dinner to me...

    1. Hubby too, felt weird eating such breakfast.

  2. The only rice I've had as breakfast is probably nasi lemak :) It's nice to try something different once in a while. The bittergourd with fish dish looks special. I've never seen anything like this before.

    1. Yes, worth trying something different

  3. My eldest girl went on a day-trip to Sekinchan with her school last Sat. and fell ill, really ill ;( The fish head with onions looks so delish!

    1. Oh dear, hope your girl is ok by now. The fish head indeed very appetizing.


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