Monday, January 27, 2014


Yesterday, we went to the Doraemon exhibition at Viva Home, KL. It was not a planned trip. As usual, once we woke up in the morning, we just make an impromptu decision. When we arrived, it was 15 minutes before 10am. The ticketing counter was not open yet but there were already about 10 people queuing.

A row of Doraemon
As we were told, the exhibition have about 100 Doraemon being displayed and each have their own special gadgets. I did not managed to read every one of them but merely glance through only. YX took his own sweet time reading the description displayed for each Doraemon, while XJ showed no interest. haha

YX saw his favourite BREAD !
However, when we entered a Church like building, XJ eyes widen when she saw the bride and bridegroom. She quickly ran over and wanted to take photo with the bride !

XJ loves the bride
One thing I must praised was the staffs member. They were really alert. If somebody was about the touch the Doraemon, he/she will quickly walked over.

XJ was trying to 'eat' the memory bread but she was not tall enough.

The nerdy YX

When the kids saw the crying Doraemon, they too acted sad. So funny !

Both acting emo when they saw Doraemon crying

We spent less than an hour in the exhibition as nothing much to see. We then proceed to the Doraemon Cafe. Since the cakes were all so cute, we ordered a set to share. The chocolate cake was really tasty as the chocolate was very thick and fragrance. However, the cappuccino was a big let down. It was tasteless.

Doraemon pancake, cappuccino and Volcano chocolate cake @ RM16 ++
We also bought a box of custard cakes for the kids. They were all so cute and nicely done by machine. The 3D Doraemon cake can even stand unsupported. 

Doraemon mini custard cakes. RM10 for 12 pcs
After a quick dessert fix, we visited the merchandised shop and bought nothing as everything were so expensive, as expected. We just browse through and spend a little money at the funfair for the kids to have some fun before headed home.


  1. wow, you went to the Doraemon Expo!! aiyah, i still have not gone there yet leh.. looks like YX is more interested on Doraemon than XJ, maybe XJ only likes princesses.. :p

  2. eih, not bad at all lah, at least better than my expectation because the one i went to in Genting in 2012 was quite bad lor.. at least this one allows you to see all the 100 Doraemon and wasn't that crowded, at least take photo also no people around..

  3. hmmm, no barcode beside each of the Doraemon?? i remember there should be barcode so that we can quickly scan and read the details.. and i heard about the staffs there also, very alert and action fast, once you go near they will start to warn you not to touch.. haha!!

  4. errr, as expected lah, merchandise there sure very expensive.. some of them are also available outside but a lot cheaper lor.. but the food still acceptable and not too expensive than i expect lah.. anyway, just for an experience lah.. :)

  5. So there were 100 Doraenmons there? Not bad eh? But I am not a fan so I won't be going haha!!

  6. I agree, those staffs are super alert! But this make me feel super uncomfy, feel that it's not that worth to visit the expo...

  7. my fren ask me to bring my kid over, but i think nothing much, better to wac cartoon..hahah cheap skate mummy


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