Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My first visit to the Professional Hair Studio

Yesterday, was my first time stepping into a professional hair studio. I'd been cutting my hair from those home-based hair dresser and normally, a simple hair cut only cost me RM10. In my hometown, it only cost RM6. Bored with my current hairstyle, I took up the courage to step into the professional hair studio for a change. Not a drastic change afterall.

My hair was so messy and it curls at the end. Mine was above shoulder length and I've been having this hair style for almost a decade ! LOL ! I used to have fringe and just last year, I decided to push my fringe to the side. Yesterday, the professional hairdresser changed my front look by changing the parting to side instead of middle. The back still looked the same, at above shoulder length.

As it was my first time visiting the hair studio, I felt a bit uncomfortable upon entering as I don't know where to sit. Those home-based hairdresser only have 2 chairs but the hair studio have almost 10 of them (with one being occupied by another customer). I was quickly lead to a seat and before cutting my hair, I was being told to have a hair wash. I don't know the reason but just goes with the flow.

This first visit, turned out to be very fruitful indeed. I received a lot of advises on how to take care and managed my hair better.

#1 ~ He said my hair are too oily. He advised no conditional needed as it will create more oil. The pores will be blocked and new hair won't grow. And that's the reason I had a hair wash earlier before the trimming.

#2 ~ My hair are very healthy (glad to hear that), so I don't need any hair treatment. However, I was advised to do scalp treatment to decrease the oil.

#3 ~ I have excessive hair loss. It might due to the hormone or shampoo. My scalp was visibly seen and it makes my face looked flat and dull. He had since changed my parting to the side and my hair looks 'fatter' and it brighten up my look !

#4 ~ I used to ask the home-based hair dresser to thin out my hair as I find them too bulky. I was advised not to thin them out anymore as the more thin they were, my hair became  lighter and will look very messy. 

#5 ~ I was advised to BLOW my hair dry after every wash ! This is the least I would love to hear because I never or rather don't ever bother to blow my hair dry. The professional hair dresser said I MUST blow my hair dry for such hairstyle so they will look tidy. He even joked if I'm too lazy, I should just go bald !

#6 ~ I have natural curl and he advised for a slight perm.

#7 ~ Since I have oily hair, he advised to dye my hair so they will look drier.

#8 ~ Over the counter shampoos are not suitable for me as they usually comes with conditional. I have to use treated shampoo if I want to manage a healthier hair and to prevent further hair loss. Well, my mum suffered hair loss too when she was younger and by now, she had to visit the hair treatment center to have treatment every twice a month. Her hair are very thin now. So, my problem could be inheritance.

#9 ~ I was advised to wash my hair everyday to take away the excessive oil and after every wash, I need to blow dry my hair so the hair will stay in positions.

#10 ~ Every morning when I wake up, I was advised to wet my hair a little bit and blow them so they look neat. I definitely will skip this as I don't think I will have the time to do that !

After spending almost 30 minutes in the hair studio and had a great chat with the handsome hair dresser, I was convinced to buy a bottle of treated shampoo at RM95. The hair cut cost me RM35 and I received a handful of great advises !

I guess, I would continue to visit the professional hair dresser in the future since the price is affordable and they can make my hair look more manageable and healthier !

At the same time, I like how he handle his customer. He doesn't hard sell his products. He doesn't push me but instead, asked me to decide on my own after listening to his advises. So, I will be putting the perming and hair dye aside first as I'm NOT ready for a change. All I have to do will be blowing my hair dry after each wash and I hope I can do it well !


  1. I really dislike those that hardsell their product. Many saloon does that. Your seems good. Doesnt hard sell

  2. RM10 cheap! Price has gone up starting this year. Some professional salons charge a lot more.

    1. those home-based still charged RM10. For kids, usually cost RM5 only

  3. Let us see your hairstyle la!! :p

    1. old school hairstyle....nothing attractive la. hahaha.....


    Not sure if you read chinese. I have hair loss problem. And yesterday morning, I saw this site posted on FB. I tried it for the first time to use ginger water, and it works miracle!

    What I did was, i blended the ginger with some water, sieved and boil the ginger water. Put in small container that I can use it to spray on my scalp, and keep the remaining in the fridge. I just made about 5 oz. I think can last for 5 days. The second day when i washed my hair, my hair just dropped for 1/3 or 1/4 as compared to the day before i used ginger water. I just spray it on my scalp after i wash my hair and leave it till the next day when i wash again. No ginger smell no worry. :)
    Try it and let me know.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this remedy. I would love to try but need to get some ginger first !

  5. I thought your hair is thick type... Got hair loss?

    Wow he really gave you so many advices... Indeed I wash my hair everyday to prevent oilines...

    1. It's thick type but certain area can see scalp very clearly due to hair loss.

  6. Really huge different, before and after, kan?

    I used to visit them monthly.. My hair is so beautiful that time...

    Now.. no eye see.. no time to sit there for so long...

  7. 3 weeks to think for perm n dye b4 cny! I m in salon now...dyeing orange this

  8. I also lazy to blow my hair. I just let it to dry.

  9. dear' home town hair cut only RM6, its at home some more, I mean go her home to cut lo.


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