Monday, January 13, 2014

Thank you Stabilo Malaysia

Last Saturday a big parcel from Stabilo Malaysia arrived at our doorstep. I did not even noticed it until after dinner, I only realized it was sitting in the living room.

A big parcel
Excitedly, I called out for YX to inform him that his winning prize had arrived ! YX who was watching cartoon at that time, paused immediately and rushed to me. When he saw the box, he was so happy and give it a big hug before allowing me to open it up. His smile was priceless ! His happiness, was just beyond words to describe.

YX couldn't resist to give his prize a bear hug before opening up to see the surprises inside
Once opened up, there was another smaller box with proper packing. Stabilo Malaysia really took the efforts to pack the prizes.

Another smaller box
YX won a total of 18 boxes of colour pencils ( 3 different types ) and 2 Kidzania tickets. All worth about RM600. Each bundle of colour pencils was nicely tied with ribbons and labeled with months. According to Stabilo, each bundle is for a month usage, but I'm sure these colour pencils will last us for years !

6 bundles of colour pencils & a 'love letter'.
From January to June, the colour pencils were neatly arranged. YX insisted me to only untied the bundle labelled with January as now is the month of January. The remaining must be kept aside first. haha

Each bundle was tagged with month.
After much persuasion, he finally allowed me to untie the others as I told him I need to arrange them neatly in the cabinet. Hop over to his drawing blog to read about the story of this contest and also about a surprised gift we received from Stabilo Malaysia on top of the winning prizes.

These boxes can last for years !

Thank you Stabilo Malaysia !


  1. Gosh!!! That can last a long long time! Congrats again to your boy! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you STP. Indeed, the colour pencils can last for years even I'd already given our 4 boxes to my nephews and nieces.

  2. Congrats, YX! His drawing is really outstanding and he deserves this awesome prize :)

    1. Thank you ChloeRouyi. This winning helps to cheer him up during his chicken pox period.

  3. wow, CONGRATULATIONS to YX!! look he was so happy and that priceless excitement on his face was so valuable~~ :)

  4. three boxes of color pencils for every month for one whole year supply!! wow, Stabilo must think YX likes to color a lot huh?? but in fact YX doesn't like to color at all.. hopefully with the color pencils, he will not only likes to draw but will also color them nicely.. :)

  5. hmmm, if i were you, i would have not untied the color pencils, shall let YX untie them every month, this is to motivate him and make him appreciate the color pencil, and there is something for him to look forward to every month.. haha!! :)

  6. wow congrats hehe. no need buy already.. can use long time.


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