Monday, February 10, 2014

CNY 2014

Eve's of CNY ~ We were all on leave on the eve's day. I spent a little of my time to tidy up my room and changed all the bedsheets. The weather was perfect to dry laundries and I just love the smell of SUN ! We had reunion dinner with hubby's close relatives at a local restaurant.

1st Day CNY ~ For the past few years, we invited close relatives to have buffet dinner at our home. MIL will be the chef of the day and we will all help out in the kitchen from morning till all the guests left (normally, until midnight). It was very tiring. However, this year, my in laws decided not to do any buffet. It was a very relaxing CNY for us ! FIL's younger brothers and sisters came to visit during the day time, while we visited them back after dinner. YX was down with fever and cough.

Lunch prepared by  my aunty. Above are part of the dishes only. Some are not ready yet, hence no photos.

2nd Day CNY ~ After breakfast, we drove to my uncle's house in Kluang, Johor. The journey was a smooth one. Aunty prepared a sumptuous lunch for us. They used to run a restaurant in Sabah years ago, and they were so professional in preparing the food and each dish was given a special name. At around 4pm, we drove to my parent's house which was about 2 hours drive away. YX was still having mild fever.

3rd Day CNY ~ It's all about visiting the relatives and receiving visitors. Since YX was still having a fever, after breakfast we immediately brought him to a clinic. Most of the clinics were closed and we went round and round until we found one. He was given a course of antibiotic.YX rested at home and mum volunteered to look after him while we went to visit the relatives.

4th Day CNY ~ After having an early lunch (homecooked) we left home. Glad that the journey was smooth again except for the weather was terribly hot. YX's fever subsided but was still having cough. It was MIL's birthday and we just had a simple celebration (cake blowing only). We did not go anywhere during the night time as we were all tired and rested early.

5th Day CNY ~ Since weather was very hot, we stayed at home. The kids were playing with the cousins, while we adults snacked on the CNY goodies while watching tv. It was so good to have holidays !

6th Day CNY ~ The kids started schooling. We went to settle some stuffs at the bank and mobile center. Time flew off so fast. At night, we drove up to Klang for a seafood reunion dinner with hubby's buddies. The food was good and cheap too considering all seafood. Due to the kids have school the next day, we left right after the dinner while the rest continued to have happy hour at some other place.

7th Day CNY ~ We were still on leave. Somehow, I felt I was busier than I was in the office. Fetching the kids to/fro school and preparing lunch for them, the clock seems to be ticking rather fast. Half a day gone just like that.

Prayers in the workshop

8th Day CNY ~ 'Hoi Gong' (Started work). We had a simple prayers in the workshop. MIL prepared only the chicken while the rest was pre bought from the market. XJ skipped school that day as it was her turned to get a fever and cough.

Pai Tee Gong at home.
At night, we had another round of prayers at home (pai tee gong for the Hokkien ). Again, MIL prepared all the food except for the cakes.

Now, we still have lots of chicken, fish, roast pork, dumplings and cakes to eat. Not forgetting all the CNY cookies, bak gua (BBQ pork slices) and mandarin oranges for consumption. We were all so blessed ! 


  1. totally agree!! i oso enjoy eating cny snacks and laze at home , wacing drama..

  2. I think it's better not to cook at home during CNY. It's much better to relax and enjoy than working in the kitchen and cleaning up! :)

  3. Sorry about YX. Hope better now.

    Seems like still a very packed CNY. Nice visiting here and there

  4. Interesting. We do not have all those - Christian family.

  5. wow, looks like you had a rather eventful CNY huh?? me, errr, i think i have been just sleep and eat and sleep and eat for the first three days.. only starting on the fourth day that i went out to hit the gym~~ :D

  6. haha, like you, we have lots of things leftover after the reunion dinner.. at least you have more variety.. because we have steamboat for reunion dinner every year, so to clear the things, we will have steamboat for a few days back-to-back, crazy or not??

  7. now talk about steamboat i also feel a bit jelak.. even don't really feel like eating anything for lunch, just have some bread with jam will do, haha!! :D


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