Thursday, February 13, 2014

Her drawings

My girl loves to draw too but she can't draw as good as her brother. Both refuse to attend any art classes and I'm not forcing them. Just recently, XJ started to draw a whole picture completed with background and some other details. I was surprised she could draw so much of things in just a short time. Furthermore, she uses pen and finished her drawings without needing any eraser.

Her first drawing covering the whole A4 size paper
She uses her own imaginations to draw but did copied a little idea from what her brother used to draw. The poor little birdie was being shot down by a gun. After completing her drawings, she even wrote the Chinese characters ( Drew by Me). LOL !
She drew a gun shooting a bird. The bird was dead, therefore, upside down !

She loves animal, so she drew a dog and a rabbit. She added 2 lines below the rabbit as to show that the rabbit is hopping away.

'toink toink'....rabbit hopping away.

Trees to give her drawings some nature. She added a bird's nest and some eggs. At first, I thought she drew a human head with eyes. LOL !
Tree and nest with bird's eggs
Hope she will continue to enjoy drawings and have more creative ideas. XJ at 5 years 5 months.


  1. she got a good imagination too

    Happy Chap Goh Mei

    1. that's children's world .... so beautiful

  2. Replies
    1. tq.... her first time drawing a complete picture

  3. Wah, really not bad for a 5YO girl. Keep u the good work!

    1. tq.... i hope she will have interest to draw ....drawing is good for the mind too

  4. wow small artist hehe.. my toddler just like scribble

  5. So talented like her brother! Even the violent part (dead bird) also she learned from him haha :)


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