Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The children's working world

Last Sunday, we finally made our way to Kidzania. We were supposed to go during the CNY breaks but didn't make it. We had 2 complimentary tickets which YX won from Stabilo Malaysia. We paid another RM52.50 for 2 adults after getting a 25% discount by presenting Air Asia boarding pass year 2013. This promotion is only until March 2014. Normal charges for an adult is RM 35.00 nett.

2 complimentary tickets for the kids
Inside the building, there is a huge Air Asia plane above our head.
Air Asia flight inside the building
Both kids were given a piece of cheque each worth Z50 ( Z = Kidzo is the money term used in Kidzania). They will need to cash out the money and used it within Kidzania only.

Cheque of Z50 each
Once inside the building, a friendly Kidzania staff leaded us to the CIMB bank and parents were not allowed to enter. The kids will have to be independent and do everything themselves. This is a very good way to motivate them.

XJ was hidden behind YX. At the bank cashing out the money
I was actually as excited as the kids. Once entered into Kidzania, I could see a total different world ! A very happy world where everyone were so excited to work. Kids doesn't mind to wait in the very long queue and doesn't mind what job it is as long as they could participate.

A whole different world. Interesting and entertaining !
We were a bit blur at first as we don't know where to start. YX saw a car workshop and said he wanted to be a mechanic ! LOL ! So we headed over. He was so eager to hold the spanner and change the wheel and check the battery.

YX listening attentively
XJ chose to be a petrol pump attendant. Again, parents cannot enter the area but the Kidzania staff will help the kids with their job. I must say, the staffs were all very friendly and helpful. They must speak English too. Both kids earned Z8 each.

XJ happily waiting for her customers
After trying their hands at the car workshop, both wanted to become a baker ! They went to the Ayam Brand cooking school to learn how to bake. Both had to pay Z10 each to learn, but after the class they can take away their cupcakes and a notepad.

What a happy little chef !
From a baker, they turned into Newspaper boy and girl. Both worked for NST and they have to collect old newspaper from 3 different shops written on the green board holding by YX. We searched high and low for the shops and once done, NST staffs paid the kids. It was fun !

Delivery boy and girl
Next, they went to work with the CIMB bank as delivery boy and girl again. LOL !

Both helped to deliver Kidzos to the shop listed on the board showed by the staff.
Here's a sample of the information of the shop. Capacity showed that only 6 kids are allowed to join in the activity per session. Each session lasted for around 20 minutes. The kids must be above 4 years old in order to join and once job is done, they will be paid Z10. If a minus sign is in front of the Z, it means, the kids will have to pay in order to join in the activity.

Information like this were stick in front of each shop
XJ was in charged to push the cart while YX hold the board to look for the shop to deliver their stuffs. Signature must be obtained once stuffs being delivered. Both kids were being paid with Z10 after completing their job.

XJ was so happy to push the cart
Next, they proceeded to become a photographer. They were given with a REAL camera. This is where the fun was. Everything were real and the kids can experienced it. 

Briefing before starting their work
A friendly staff guided them around the Kidzania and gave them ideas on what picture to take and both were busy clicking away, like a professional. Haha

Taking pictures of beautiful fountain
We walked around and the kids said they wanted to be a pilot. Both were paid Z15. They queued for quite some time over here and both hubby and I had to wait outside as we were not allowed to enter. I did not managed to take their pilot image because it was conducted inside a cubicle. However, there was a professional photographer took their pictures and we will have to purchase them at the SONY pictures shop. We did not buy any because we did not managed to visit the SONY pictures shop due to time constraint. There were actually a lot of jobs not done yet as the queue was too long !

Air Asia
As it was nearly lunch time, we headed towards the Marrybrown and the kids paid Z15 to learn how to make a burger.

All the kids were given a briefing and asked to wash their hands before touching the food. One thing good about Kidzania, all shops dealing with food will make sure the kids washes their hands before start working.

Briefing again.....

XJ squeezing the mayonnaise

YX putting on some tomato sauces

After the burger were done, it is time to EAT ! They were allowed to take away the burger they made and just nice to have it for lunch !

Hmm....yummy delicious chicken burger. Fresh and juicy !

Once their filled up their tummy, both went to work at the Police Station. It was really interesting looking at the kids putting on the policeman's over-sized uniform and cap.

XJ holding the cone

YX at a fire scene waiting for the arrival of the fire engine
They even have to work together with the firefighter to put out fire at a hotel. The policemen will have to block the way so firefighters could do their job properly. The kids wanted to work as a firefighter too but did not managed to squeeze in as the queue for this job is the longest of all ! It looks like the most popular job in Kidzania.

LOL ! Policemen and fire fighter at work
Since they couldn't get any place in the Fire Station, both worked as a construction workers. They were happy to put on the bricks made of sponge and YX said like building LEGO.

Playing LEGO

Then, both turned into a paramedic working at KPJ Specialist Hospital.

XJ was so curious
Both were excited and happy to be able to play with a real stethoscope. Once they came out, they said they can actually hear the sound "Ba doom ba doom" on a patient's chest ! haha . Apparently, one of the kid in this group volunteered to be a patient.

First time holding a stethoscope
After playing doctor doctor, they went to the Minimelts Ice Cream shop to learn ice cream making. Obviously, they have to pay to learn but they can enjoy the ice cream after the class ended.

Over here, they only look and see as the staff will handle the ice cream making with a machine.

Wow...ice cream in the making
All participants were given a bowl of ice cream and the kids enjoyed licking the bowl clean !

Enjoying their ice-cream
By the time they came out from the ice-cream shop, it was nearly 4pm. Many activities were going to end. We rushed to the Sea Master to make mineral water.

The kids paid Z4 and was able to experience the process of filling up a bottle of mineral water. As usual, briefing were given before they started.

Both can't wait to start their work

The staff was helping YX with the bottle
Look at this happy girl holding a bottle of mineral water filled up by her.

After water was filled, they have to put the bottle in the machine to seal the cap and had the labelled stick on
Both wanted to work at the Oreo factory but did not managed. Since it was nearly 4.30pm, they can only chose 1 last activity before the Kidzania closed at 5pm. XJ chose the Vitagen factory .......

and brought out a bottle of Vitagen she made....

.....while YX chose the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. As aged 8 and above are only allowed, that was the reason XJ went to the Vitagen Factory.

YX too brought out a small bar of chocolate after the class ended.

We wanted to spent away all the Kidzos but time was just too limited. As crowd gets bigger in the afternoon, most of the activities need long queue and there was where time was lost. After earning and spending, the kids still have a total of Z164. Minus the Z100 they cash out from the cheque, they actually earned an extra Z64. LOL ! 

The leftover Kidzo
I've checked with the Kidzania's customer service and was told that the Kidzos do not have any expiry dates and can be used again on our next trip as long as they are still in good conditions. Yes, we will be back again maybe in next year or when XJ turns 8 in year 2016 so she can participate in the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. Kidzania is a place every child should go. So much better than all the amusement park, seriously !


  1. wow so fun, heard many goodness of this place.

    1. It is truly entertaining. Not until you really try it out yourself, this place is a must for every child to experience.

  2. Oh, so unlucky. We are going in June. No more discount using Air Asia boarding pass then?

    Could not wait to bring the kids over. I am sure they enjoy being adults for a day.

    1. They do have promotions from time to time. Just keep an eye on their FB page or website.

  3. oh, so you travelled to PJ and brought your two kids to Kidzania!! i am sure XJ and YX enjoyed the stay very much..

    1. Yes, both enjoyed themselves so much that they did not feel hungry at all. haha...I got to remind them that it is LUNCH time !

  4. and good that you have got 2 complimentary tickets and also discounts, like that the wallet not so "hurtful" lah, right?? hahaha~~

    1. It's true. Otherwise, we will need to pay around RM200 for the whole family.

  5. look at the kids, they seemed to be so excited and happy with all the activities.. and i actually find this thing a very good idea to let them experience the real world.. :)

    1. This concept is just too great ! How I wish I'm a ten years old now. haha

  6. hahaha, the kids surely begged you to go there again?? and good that you are planning another visit in 2016.. hmmm, have to wait a little long, no?? :p

    1. oh yes...before we leave the place, the kids already saying " Let's come again next time ! " That's how interesting this place is.

  7. The kids sure have lots of fun!

    1. But it was such a tiring day for the parents ! LOL !

  8. If only they had this when my irl was small.

    1. Those days, we don't have such thing.

  9. I think Kidzania is a great place for kids! But I think I will hate all the queuing up! LOL!

    1. That's something cannot be escaped. haha

  10. You went on a weekday? The place doesn't look crowded at all. I heard that duriing school holidays, the kids have less chances of participating in so many activities due to the long queue. It's good that YX and XJ got to try so many jobs!

    1. I went on Sunday. In fact, it was crowded. We couldn't even squeeze ourselves into the Fire Engine department.

  11. Wonder if they have this in Singapore.

    A good experience for the kids.

    1. As I know, there is non in Singapore. You can hop over to their website to check it out.


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