Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fried balls

After I posted this, most of you commented how come it is not a food post. Hmm.....so here's a food post of the day. I went downtown yesterday afternoon and just as I reached, the rain stopped. How perfect. So, I detoured to get my favourite light snacks at this little stall by the roadside.

Small cart located just outside 7-eleven (near to The Store) in town
This uncle sold a varieties of fried stuffs, pastries and buns. Normally, I will only go for the fried balls as they are so irresistible when being dipped into the homemade chilli sauces. Selling at RM1.20 per stick.

Fried fishball and fried siu mai
From the picture, it is very obvious that I ate in the car ! I stopped by the roadside and enjoy this little sticks while they were still warm. I wanted to buy a stick of mini century eggs but it was sold out : (

Taste heavenly when being dipped into the chilli sauce
The fishballs were very Q and when being dipped into the chilli sauce, it tasted so heavenly.

Homemade chilli sauce
Without this chilli sauce, the fried balls are nothing special. The chilli sauces are loaded with lots of garlic. It is not too spicy (just nice for me) and tasted a little sweet.

Fried siew mai
I never missed out to buy this fried siew mai whenever I was at that stall. The outer skin were fried till crispy and inside as soft as those steamed ones. Oooooo........so irresistible.


  1. Eh, I like fried assorted balls too.. Lastime when I jalan jalan at pasar malam, sure I will buy those fried assorted balls one.. Fish balls, cram meat balls, sotong balls, cheese sausages, fried wanton, siew mai & spring rolls.. Never get bored of it !!

  2. Hmmm....yummy! I am thinking of trying my hand at fried siew mai.

  3. Used to love fried food, but now I am trying to control those oily stuff. hehe! But once a while, it is okay lah. The most favourite one I love is Bishop's Nose (ayam buntut!)

  4. haha, i think people are difficult to please.. when we said you didn't show any food then you wrote a food post.. when you published the food post, then we may ask, aiyah, how come never show what the uncle is selling?? :p

  5. fried stuffs, pastries and buns!! ah, can imagine i may get uncontrolled there.. and you only bought yourself two skewers of the balls, so little only?? if i were to buy, probably more~~ :D

  6. ah, looks good and yeah would be so nice to dip with the homemade chili sauce!! RM1.20 not expensive also..

  7. Not into such things but my girl loves 'em - anything deep fried. Fried siew mai looks good!

  8. I love 'yu dan'! Love the QQ texture~

  9. i like the fried fishball too

  10. eh eat while warm baru best. cold already not that nice

  11. Wow, this are my favorite, especially the fried fishball!!!! =]

  12. the next time I balik Sban.. I go cari that also.. hehehee.. my love for balls never die..


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