Monday, May 12, 2014


The other day, I met XJ friend's mother somewhere downtown and we greeted each other. The lady suddenly said XJ looks like me a lot.

Back home, I asked XJ ........

Me : you really look like me? ( while looking at her face ).

XJ : ( Looking back at me ) Ya, I looked like you.

Me: Which part ?

XJ : have 2 holes here, I also have the same! ( While pointing at my nose ) !

Hahahaha..... what a funny girl !


  1. wakakakaka...but logic also leh

  2. Haha, was laughing at your post.. Kids, they really say funny things.. Both Kz and G doesn't look like me, they look like their father..I have double lids, they have single lids, haha..

  3. Hahaha~~~ this's so funny and cute la!!!

  4. haha.. cannot comment much because i don't remember seeing your photo but only XJ, cannot compare so cannot comment also~~ :p

  5. but with her statement that you both have two holes on your nose, yeah, i would agree with that!! hahahaha~~ i also have two woh~~ :p

  6. Haha .... maybe you should show us a pix of both of you to compare.

  7. LOL!!! No comment. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. LoL! Can I ask how many holes the daddy has? How come she doesn't look like him? Hahahahhaha.. so cute!

  9. last time she look more like her dad, the other day when i saw her at my place, she looks like you d...


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