Friday, May 9, 2014

My Boy

Since young, YX was a very active baby. When he barely turns one, he had been climbing here and there, always giving us heart attack. He can speaks a lot of words even before he turned 2. He was a fast learners and even his kindy teacher praised him.

He was a very funny boy too and always make us laugh with his conversations when he was around 2 - 3 years plus.

1) Eeeii....Dirty @ 2 yrs 6 mth
2) Reflections @ 2 yrs 7 mth 
3) Fox @ 2 yrs 9 mth
4) Mama......You see @ 3 yrs 1 mth
5) Stick There @ 3 yrs 1 mth
6) Sun and Moon @ 3 yrs 2 mth
7) Rectangular Only @ 3 yrs 4 mth

Besides that, he is a creative boy who loves to draw and has tonnes of ideas.

1) YX loves to draw @ 3 yrs 4 mth ~ Part 1
2) YX loves to draw @ 3 yrs 4 mth ~ Part 2
3) White Colour @ 4 yrs 4 mth
4) Toilet Rolls Happy Family @ 4 yrs 8 mth
5) Homework that requires drawing @ 5 yrs 11 mth

Before he entered kindy, he always gave troubled to MIL who took care of him at home. He nearly made XJ fell from her cradle @ 2 yrs 7 mth ( click here ), locked himself in the toilet @ 2 yrs 7 mths ( click here ), ransacked the cabinet for food @ 4 yrs 4 mth( click here ), Hurting himself @ 4 yrs 7 mth ( click here)  and many many more dramas. Every time we came home after work, we will be greeted with COMPLAINTS and more COMPLAINTS.

Now, he is in primary 2. Nothing changes. 3 days ago, I met his class teacher. The teacher was an unfriendly lady who spoke with her sour face. She told me that YX kicked a classmate on the chest leaving his foot print on the classmate's white uniform. Apparently, the mother of that boy complained to the teacher.

I know my boy well. I know there must be a REASON for him to do so. I'm sure he did not do it DELIBERATELY. I asked WHY ? Why did he need to do that ?

YX told me this particular classmate likes to talk bad words of him. Some of the examples were " Go and die " , " Go to eat shit " and " Go and jump down from the building ". There was one time, a classmate kicked him on the butt. YX is a bad tempered boy, taking after his grandfather and instead of ignoring that boy, he must have resorted to kick him. Oh, by the way, he kicked so well because I sent him to learn Wing Chun since he is an active boy who can't even sit still for a short 5 minutes.

I warned him that it was WRONG to kick somebody and if he ever used violent to solve his problems, he would be PUNISHED. He might hurt the boy and worst, the mother may report to the police. I reminded him to report to the class teacher instead, and learned to TOLERATE. Don't act harsh.  He promised he won't do that again.

Apart from being a mischievous boy, YX did make us proud. He did well in his school exams. I always told him, if he is good in his studies but often create trouble in schools, teacher will deduct his points and that doesn't benefits him at all. I hope he truly understand what I'm trying to tell him.

When he tries to trick me and I caught him red-handed, he would sing this phrase "Mother...........knows BEST !" ( from the cartoon Tangled ) and made me laughed. 

I know deep down, he is not a spoil brat. He was born as a hyperactive child, always have to be moving around. But inside, he is just a simple boy. Yes, mother knows BEST !


  1. Part & parcel of growing up.. Kz did most of what your boy did too.. Locked himself in the room (but I have spare keys), made G fell down from his hi chair, climbed up the chair to reach the cabinet for Kinder Eggs, the list goes on.. Oh, when he makes me angry, he will say "Kenzie loves mummy", then make the *smooch* sound.. Hahahaha..

  2. boys will be boys, no matter how mischievous they would be, they are surely still THE boy in every mommy's heart :)

  3. well well well, often happening in schools.. kids fight and blame each other, but then it's right that we should teach the kids not to fight, get bullied then report to the teacher and let the teacher settle things..

  4. errr, suddenly writing about your boy?? is it his birthday or coming soon?? haha~~ :0

  5. What a lovely post.

    A child will be a child.

    Keep on growing marvelously :)

  6. I guess you need to be very patience with him. I don't think he can help it and he will grow out of it when he's bigger.

  7. mNhL: Happy Mother's Day to you dear

  8. Aden does lots of things which drives me nuts too! He is also super active boy, sigh~

  9. Boys.. will be boys! :P Taking this opportunity to wish you a very happy Mother's Day :D

  10. he is a boy la....


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